List of LED Lights

LED lights are environmentally friendly, economic and spreads pleasant lights. Energy saving involves not only politics and economics, but also requires new thinking. At home, there are several ways to save energy. When buying new appliances, you can also make sure that they belong to the best energy efficiency class, including lighting. Unlike the older lamps, you have the opportunity to apply with more economical sources of light, such as energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs with 12 volt. For new purchases, however, from the outset, it is a good idea to choose lamps with maximum light output and minimal energy consumption. Here’s LED light is a good example.

LED light save you up to 90% power

LED light provides one of the most advanced technologies in lighting technology, namely light emitting diodes. These diodes are semiconducting crystals that emit light when electricity is sent through them. Even though this effect was discovered over 100 years ago, LED lamps have not been used for residential lighting since 1997. There are several advantages to use LED lamps. First of all, you can save up to 90% energy compared to a standard incandescent bulb. Secondly, the LED lamps are shock-resistant, stable and developing less heat than other light sources. In addition, the life span is considerably longer, namely between 20,000 and 50,000 hours. LED lamps radiate no IR or UV radiation, which is a great advantage on e.g. museums by lighting of precious paintings.

LED lamps – both suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting

Lamp designers have come to realize the great potential which LED provides and on this background created lamps fitted with many small LEDs. Since LED not only can produce white light, but also be bright with colors from the entire color spectrum, so they are popular for decorative lighting. In addition to the lighting in the home, as ceiling and wall lights, table lamps, etc., LED lamps are also sought after for other purposes. This is clearly visible on the lamp collections for outdoor use, e.g. LED bollard lights to lighting of the driveway and entrance area or LED spots for illuminating specific areas in the garden. Regardless of how one uses LED light, it is a power-saving solution that is stable for many years to come.

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