12 Great Decoration Ideas for the Vintage Look

12 Great Decoration Ideas for the Vintage Look

February 1, 2024 Decor 0
Shabby Chic country house decoration

Shabby Chic Decoration – 12 great decoration ideas for the vintage look

Gentle, nostalgic, charming: Shabby Chic is now a fixture in the decoration world. The word “shabby” means nothing other than “shabby” and “dilapidated”. However, you shouldn’t expect woodworms and furniture falling apart with mold stains with this nostalgic living trend, but rather vintage decoration and furniture with signs of wear such as fine scratches and paint abrasions. The latter are absolutely characteristic of the feminine-looking shabby style. In this article we will show you what defines the style and ideas on how to integrate Shabby Chic decoration into your home.

What defines shabby chic?

· Peeled paint, signs of wear and scratches

The shabby aesthetic thrives on small blemishes and a certain used look, which creates wonderfully unique pieces

· Chalk colors in pastel tones

Matt coats of chalk paint are a typical feature of the style; white tones such as old white and pastel colors are preferred, while flashy colors are unusual.

· Vintage pattern

Whether vintage rose patterns on textiles such as cushions, French lily wallpapers with small damages, or oriental vintage carpets – old patterns with a story go perfectly with shabby style

· Vintage decoration

For shabby chic, furniture from the flea market can be used. Practical items and decorative objects from grandmother’s times such as old wall clocks, tarnished silver decorations and old picture frames are a must-have in a shabby look.

Vintage decoration

Shabby chic materials

The shabby look mostly uses natural materials such as wood, paper and fabrics of natural origin, the big exception being decorations and furniture made of wrought iron. For example, vintage tin toys and French metal beds fit well into the style. Plastic is frowned upon in the style, so the style is also environmentally conscious. Recycled materials such as vintage wood are often used because they tell a story. Wooden decorations such as old fruit crates are given a new life with a shabby coat of chalk paint, the boxes are then used for storage, or for shabby chic decorations in the garden filled with pond liner and soil and used as planters.

Shabby Chic country house decoration: A match made in heaven

Shabby chic harmonizes particularly well with the beautiful country house style, especially if you want to take a nostalgic approach to your country house decoration and do not rely on a modern country style. Typical country house elements such as vintage milk cans made of tin and enamel as umbrella stands, or vases, old garden tools for outdoor decoration, farmhouse cupboards with shabby paint combine both styles to create a great vintage country house style. Even Scandinavian decorations with a vintage look go great with shabby and country house : just think of the children from Bullerbü and Michel in the soup bowl from Astrid Lindgren’s stories. Old Scandinavian patterns and other folkloric elements such as the typical kissing birds bring a bit of Sweden home.

Shabby Chic country house decoration

Shabby chic decoration ideas

The shabby chic is quite diverse and when it comes to decoration in style it is more about bulking up than spilling, the cute vintage style is not minimalistic : both in the design of the respective decorations and in their number. When it comes to shabby decorations, flourishes and ornaments are a must. Nostalgic embossed prints, floral decorations and lace ribbon are also suitable decorative features for the look. For example, if you decorate a shelf in a shabby style, you can add a few more decorations to create a vintage ensemble. A nice idea is also thematic collections as a decorative group, such as old books, inkwells, quills and a magnifying glass in antique style as decoration for the home office.

Shabby chic decoration ideas

Shabby flower decoration

“Flowers, flowers, flowers!” Does it mean a shabby look and not a single orchid in a modern planter, no! You can make the most of it! Opulent, nostalgic bouquets of flowers, opulent dried flower bouquets in vintage vases, artificial flowers such as ivy vines and roses as decoration for the mirror and of course floral patterns and prints on everything possible. Tablecloth, dishes, mugs and cups with floral print – flowers also reign supreme in the shabby style in the kitchen and on the table. Particularly great: By choosing flowers that match the season, you immediately have a suitable seasonal decoration : lilacs and daffodils for the shabby spring decorations, in late spring it’s the turn of lilacs and peonies, in the summer it’s of course the roses, and for the autumn decorations it’s heather.

Shabby flower decoration

Decorate in Vintage Look with a Wall Clock

To achieve a vintage look with a wall clock, start with a classic design featuring ornate details or a distressed finish. Opt for muted or earthy tones like beige, cream, or antique white for the wall background to complement the clock. Surround the clock with vintage-inspired decor such as old-fashioned frames, weathered mirrors, or rustic shelves displaying aged books or trinkets. Incorporate elements like lace doilies, vintage signage, or floral patterns for added charm. Hang the clock as a focal point on a prominent wall, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the surrounding vintage decor for a nostalgic and timeless ambiance.

Romantic decoration with roses

As mentioned at the beginning, shabby chic enchants with a clearly feminine and romantic streak and what flower is more romantic than the rose? There are various options for including roses as a motif in your shabby decoration: The fresh rose in a vintage vase is probably the classic, but the queen of flowers also looks great as a dried flower or artificial flower, for example lying down in a white one Shabby basket. Otherwise, textiles such as tablecloths, pillows and bed covers with rose prints are a great way to incorporate rose decorations. Storage containers such as cardboard boxes and hat boxes in a rosy design ensure that your treasures are stored in style and are sure to be an eye-catcher on open shelves.

Romantic decoration with roses

Set up the shabby chic living room comfortably

The shabby living room should appear nostalgic and cozy. Rely on English sofas or French vintage couches for a harmonious look. Bright cushions with floral patterns make the seating area in the living room particularly inviting, a quick glance is enough for your brain to say “cosy!” calls! Vintage wallpapers with a used look or floral wallpapers are an alternative to the eternal white woodchip wallpaper and bring the vintage feeling into your living room. You can present flowers as well as vintage decorative objects and small treasures on a sideboard with a shabby finish. When lighting the living room, you can use table lamps and floor lamps with an antique look. Tip: Lampshades can be redesigned in style using a hot glue gun and thin, patterned fabric or aged paper.

Romantic: Shabby Chic bedroom decoration

In your bedroom it will be really romantic with shabby chic accessories and furniture ! In addition to a vintage bed, for example made of wrought iron, vintage cupboards and chests of drawers, you can create a lovely atmosphere with shabby chic elements: flowery vintage wallpaper, bright nostalgic floral patterns on the bed linen, cozy velvet cushions in a vintage look and curtains with lace and ruffles fit perfectly to the shabby bedroom. To decorate a chest of drawers, a bedside table or a side table in shabby chic, nostalgic photos and pictures in vintage picture frames are a great idea. When it comes to flower decorations in the vase, it’s best to use easy-care alternatives to fresh flowers in the bedroom, such as dried flower bouquets or artificial flowers. When it comes to lighting, vintage metal table lamps are a nice option.

Shabby Chic bedroom decoration

Shabby Chic table decoration: brick shape, cake stand, dried flowers and candles

With the Shabby Chic table decoration you can be creative. In addition to the classic shabby candle holders, a few ideas for the table in a lovely vintage look include shabby cake stands decorated with dried flowers and candles in tea light holders. Overall, old brick molds are both practical and beautiful. Equipped with a pepper mill, salt shaker and napkins, they can become a permanent guest on the dining table. Dried hydrangeas also look very good in vintage brick molds ; the pastel colors of the dried flowers harmonize perfectly with the shabby aesthetic. For a spring-like Easter decoration for the table, fill brick molds or small shabby drawers with moss, a few twigs and cute quail eggs.

Do-it-yourself allowed: DIY shabby decoration

Making shabby decorations yourself is a given in the shabby universe, there are so many great DIY and craft projects in this style. Here are a few ideas for shabby projects.

  • Transform old furniture with chalk paints
  • Make a mobile out of old, tarnished silverware
  • Weatherproof an old fruit crate with weatherproof varnish and chalk paint and place it in the garden as a planter
  • Paintstorage containers such as Mason jars with chalk paint to create a shabby vase
  • Fill an old picture frame with self-pressed flowers
  • Decorate decorative objects and furniture with decoupage: You can use this technique to make your shabby furniture even more sophisticated! At Easter you can also create eggs as shabby Easter decorations.

Shabby chic decoration for the entrance to the house

The entrance to the house is the business card of the house and also influences the look of your neighborhood. If you want to express your love of the beautiful shabby look to the outside world and want to beautify the neighborhood, you can spread some shabby charm in your entrance area and front yard in just a few simple steps. For shabby chic front door decoration, bright vintage door wreaths (e.g. from Couronne ) are a great idea. For the shabby house entrance decoration, set up vintage lanterns, combined with a few seasonal flowers in vintage pots and planters, for example in milk cans. When choosing the mailbox and door signs, rely on vintage models made of wrought iron with beautiful ornaments as decoration.

Shabby Chic table decoration

Dreamy: Shabby Chic garden decoration

The shabby decoration for outside is just as dreamy as in the house: rely on curlicues, ornaments, chalk paint and general vintage garden decoration. An old pot becomes a vase on the terrace, vintage bicycles with a pastel shabby paint become shabby garden decorations. The idea of ​​upcycling plays a big role in the shabby look. You make a small mini pond out of zinc bathtubs, and the large claw bathtub becomes a flower bed.

Shabby chic terrace and balcony with vintage garden decorations

Of course, you have many options when it comes to designing your terrace in shabby style. For example, give your wooden privacy screen a coat of weatherproof shabby paint. The covered terrace with a terrace wall is also ideal for attaching dried flower bouquets to the house facade as shabby wall decorations. Further ideas:

  • Attach shabby shutters to the facade for a touch of nostalgia on the house wall.
  • Plant drawers of an old dresser with succulents.
  • An old sewing machine table made of wood and wrought iron becomes a great planting table in the garden
  • Enamelled punches become shabby hanging baskets with a little jute rope. Plant tip: Ivy and ferns look particularly beautiful hanging.
  • Make birdhousesinto shabby decorations with chalk paint

Vintage garden furniture for romantic garden decoration

Vintage garden furniture such as tables, chairs and benches made of wrought iron give the seating area in the garden a very nostalgic touch. French furniture in particular, with its elegant and playful ornamentation and curved lines, fits perfectly into the shabby garden. Benches with vintage paint and comfortable cushions invite you to relax under the pergola covered with clematis or climbing roses. You can also find out more about climbing plants and climbing plants in our article “ 10 great climbing plants and climbing plants as greenery and privacy protection ”.