Attractive Wall Design with High-quality Wallpaper

Attractive Wall Design with High-quality Wallpaper

February 22, 2022 Decor 0
Attractive Wall Design with High-quality Wallpaper

Wallpapers make rooms look cozy and offer the opportunity to design walls decoratively and, above all, individually. In this category we have a diverse selection of high-quality and attractive paper wallpapers. The most diverse patterns and motifs, a large repertoire of colors, here you will find the wallpaper you want for your interior. Let this inspire you when making your choice and feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.

The paper wallpaper – environmentally friendly and durable

Paper wallpapers are environmentally friendly, because the manufacturers mostly use recycled paper for production. The products consist of several layers, are breathable and have a beneficial effect on humidity. Brilliant colors and perfect contrasts, patterns and motifs are the result of complex gravure printing processes. Versions with a smooth, structured or embossed surface are available. In addition to the good properties mentioned, our paper wall coverings are characterized by high lightfastness, so that the colors remain bright for a long time. In the case of vinyl wallpaper , the carrier layer can be made of paper. PVC is only used for the coating, so these products are very robust and water-resistant.

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Patterns, motifs, photos – the different designs on paper

Our repertoire includes numerous brands such as Livingwalls, AS Création , Rasch, Architects Paper and Versace Wallpaper. Every brand inspires with distinctive creations. For example, at Livingwalls we have products with a stone look. From the same manufacturer there are also versions with beautiful floral patterns in delicate colors. AS Création stands, among other things, for an elegant and artful ornamental print as well as for an imaginative wood look . Wallpaper with modern, clear patterns as well as plain-colored products are available from Rasch. With this brand, the focus is particularly on the little ones. This is how the wall decorations with the magical colorful illustrations become in children find great approval. Both Versace Wallpaper and Architects Paper have unusual and often very complex designs to offer. The spectrum ranges from expressive patterns to a shimmering look. Avant-garde or classic, modern or retro, we also value diversity in this area.

Individual design for each room with the trend decoration paper wallpaper

You prefer a certain style and plan to design your interior accordingly? With stylish wall coverings, the room concept is harmonious. When it comes to an individual overall impression, however, you can also implement your own ideas in the combination of wall decoration and furniture style. It is important that you feel comfortable in your interior design. Wall murals all about nature are available in the form of photo wallpaper and in the variant with plant motifs. A photo wallpaper is usually only used for one wall, it visually expands the room and provides a beautiful view of a green forest landscape, for example. On the other hand, a pattern wallpaper optionally use for all walls of a room to emphasize a certain ambience. The sea, sunsets, skylines or space, these and other themes in our category are also very popular and magically attract attention. With the picture wallpaper you conjure up wonderful panoramas that let you look into the distance. Animals should not be missing from our selection and in this subcategory we have beautifully designed wall decorations for adults and children. Whether bears, cats, whales, squirrels or horses, love for animals can also be expressed in this way. Children have their own area with us to choose their favorite motif and decorate their room with it. In addition to animals, popular comic heroes, for example, are among the favorites of youngsters.

Beautiful wallpaper to match the room design

Thanks to the stylish, trendy or even unusual designs, wallpapers are now more than ever one of the essential design elements. They enrich the selected furnishing style, also ensure a cozy atmosphere or set accents. This is how the Scandinavian style can be combined with a wall decoration in a wood look or stone look. Decorate, with a vintage-style interior, even more charm comes into play with a patterned wallpaper in subtle colors. For furniture in the baroque style, wallpapers with ornaments come into question. However, if the furniture is very playful and elaborately designed, the unpatterned variant forms the perfect contrast. Minimalist living concepts are very trendy: Here you will also find the right wall decoration in a reduced but striking look. Our wide range in terms of design gives you plenty of scope to express your creativity in interior design. Easily create an oasis of well-being for dreaming with a photo wallpaper with nature motif or sunset. While a study might look like a spectacular skyline wallpaper, subtly patterned paper wallpaper is an option for shared spaces. If you design a room for yourself, you might want to express your passion for travel with a mural depicting your dream destination New York. Science fiction fans will love a mural from a hugely popular space saga. Children want to populate the walls of their room with characters from their favorite films or with mythical creatures that should accompany them to sleep.

Attractive Wall Design with High-quality Wallpaper