Babymoov Wellbeing Night Light

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In full development, baby is very sensitive to its environment. His room must be a cocoon, a soothing and caring atmosphere. Pollution, respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis…) and allergies affect well-being on a daily basis. Thus, because the baby’s well-being is our priority, Babymoov creates the Nightlight well-being for nights in complete serenity.

Babymoov Wellbeing Night Light

The ideal temperature for a baby’s room is between 18 and 20 ° C.
The ideal humidity is between 40 and 50 percent, in order to prevent drying of the mucous membranes, nocturnal cough, and respiratory problems
Just as a weather station, the Wellness Resort gives you information about the temperature and the humidity in the baby room. Thanks to its blue backlit LCD screen and a system of diodes, you can see at a glance if the air quality is perfect (5 lit LEDs), medium (3 LEDs lit) or critical (1 led lit).

In a gesture, nursery lights thanks to the pilot light 7 colors. 3 color change effects are possible: tactile, manual or automatic (depending on the room temperature).

Babymoov Wellbeing Night Light 1
The Nightlight is programmable from 1 hour up to 23 hours in order to facilitate the baby sleep.
A soft shape, clean colors, a harmonious line: the wellness resort is a real object deco and fits perfectly into the world of baby.
For more information on the well-being of baby, check out our guide to tips.

The writing has browsed the Web looking for 15 DIY easy to fabricate LED night lights with motion sensor. You then move on to practice with your models preferred!

Back her sleeves and we our challenge: make a night light home-made to your kid! These 15 DIY will help.

Babymoov Wellbeing Night Light 2

Want to make a cozy room on your side ‘cabbage? Among the essential decoration items, the pilot occupies the front of the stage! With it, your toddler room finds himself immersed in a soft and comforting atmosphere with subdued lighting. Perfect to relax baby before the NAP or to appease the older (e) which dreading the dark or would struggle to fall asleep alone.

And if you also consider that the interest of a night light is more to prove, this is big news: more worthwhile to devote a budget important purchase! With our selection of DIY gleaned on the web, we present 15 creative ways—and simple —to make yourself a Nightlight in your toddler; all at low prices. What pride for MOM you are! Among the models you’ll discover, it is seduced by the night lights made from recycled items ‘ as the jars. We also discover that it takes little to achieve a successful home made night light; the string of lights or the led candle are excellent points of departure and can then be associated to different creative techniques.

Babymoov Wellbeing Night Light 3

Our recommendation: make sure that the selected leds do not heat to lend itself to the best in all your creations. The pilot light is also an opportunity to stage the miniatures and favorite characters from your toddler, animals and Playmobil in mind. Finally, the less creative can always turn to the Ikea hacks and thus customize items purchased at the Swedish giant. On the track!