Braven Series 6, Speakers to Take Charge for Mobile Phone and Handsfree

The U.S. House’s audio Braven It has launched in Europe a new Series 6 speaker portatles well suited for carry on luggage this summer, although not cheap precisely. Make it the 625s, Braven 600 and 650.

All of them are connected to any audio source with 3.5 audio jack cable mm, but also have a USB connection from which feed our player of MP3 player or smartphone with a battery of 1600 mAh in the most basic model. Compatibility with mobile devices does not end there. The series also offers bluetooth hands-free integrated in own speaker with reach habtual up to 10 meters.

Of the presented models, the Braven 650 It is the basic model. Their autonomy without plugging in is 12 hours. At the level of audio integrates two 3-watt speakers and is priced from 160 euros.

Follow the 600 650, which saw housing of aluminium with a weight of 360 grams and that integrates a battery of 2,000 mAh that wide autonomy to the 20 hours (less, obviously if we charge any device with him). Its price is of 200 euros.

Closes the range the 625s, a version of the 600 designed for outdoor use. The Braven 625s It is shock resistant, its battery hold 16 hours theoretical and boasts a very useful for camping LED flashlight.

The computer also comes with a water resistant carrying bag and is priced from 190 EUR. Without having tasted not we can recommend or not this new equipment. Given the high price and lack of specifications specific on your speakers, we will have to assume for now that your processor for audio and quality of components are really good.