Breaking Down The Invoice of The Light In House

Destem them sections that we can find when us becomes the invoice of the light in our House

We know that your Bill can be a little complicated to understand, therefore, want to explain it in detail each of the concepts so that you have not left any doubt.

Cost of power (power end)

Amount fixed. It is the part that charged the company for the use of your power supply and bring the light to your home. The Government sets the price of kW and is reviewed every three months. Multiplying the price KW by the power that you have contracted you will give the cost of power to pay.

This amount is fixed, paid always, make or do not make some kind of consumption that month, that is so important that the power that you have contracted at home fits snugly to your power needs.

By this always is important that both your luminaries as any other appliance have a good label energy and a good factor of power that makes that them equipment consume it minimum for its operation.

Cost of energy (term of energy)

Amount variable stipulated the Government. This amount is calculated by multiplying your energy consumption in kWh for the price of your fare in €/ kWh.

Example: If you have a 100 kilowatt hours (kWh) consumption, and price of the kWh is €0,142349 , your total energy cost would be € 14.23.

Rental counter

Normally in the majority of cases the counter is property of the electricity distribution, so we paid religiously a rental for this consumption measurement equipment. He amount of this rental varies (again) each year and is determined in the BOE.

Tax power

This tax is collected almost in exclusive for boost and help to the mining of the coal. Applies on the amount of term of power over the term of energy and adds to the tax base for the calculation of the VAT.

Reading of the counter

The reading of the counter is made by the Distributor electric with which have contracted the service by sending that information to the marketer for proceed to its billing. The reading of counters is possible to not perform every month, since If your contracted power is less 15kw reading will be held every two months and the concept “estimated reading” appears on your Bill.
This estimated calculation of your monthly electricity consumption is based on your previous consumption. If the Distributor has done the reading, the invoice will be shown the concept “Real reading”.


The value added tax. He last tax to add to our invoice, that in the case of the electricity is of a 18% and that is applied to each one of them concepts previous. We know it, one tax on another tax… it seems impossible!

Tip: check the contracted power, if they added or reduced in household appliances. If they have hired a rate with time discrimination, take into account the hours in which the prices are higher.

You have a company? You break down the concepts that you’ll find in the light of your company’s invoice.