Bridgat LED GU10 Bulb

Brand: Bridgat
Socket: GU10
Watts: see description
Life: 30000 hours-about 30 years
Color (s): Warm white or white light
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
kindling time: 100% with the same
Comments: RA value: 83

GU10 LED Bulb


LED GU10 Bulb
A LED bulb with a great light and a big spread.
Bridgat has primarily be known with installers, but is now on the way out on the private market.

White (3000 k) or Warm white (2700 k) color designation
4, 5W-equivalent to 35W-220 Lumens
5, 5W 50W-Lumen 450-corresponds to
Light scattering on the whole 70 degrees (usually 36 degrees)
Same size as the plaintext. GU10 bulbs
Quality product with Japanese Sharp COB diode

Test item-you’re not satisfied, you still have 100 days to cancel
-The bulb must, however, be used in 1 week max.

Why choose Bridgat LED bulbs?

-High quality and solid product and a good light.
-70 degrees dispersion against often 36 degrees.
-Ceramic heat dissipation-ensure long life.
-Same size as the plaintext. GU10 bulbs.

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