Carpet for the Children’s Room

Carpet for the Children’s Room

February 14, 2022 Decor 0
Carpet for the Children's Room

The new collections for the very youngest, little ones and teenagers have thought of everything. Easy-care, high-quality carpeting for the children’s room creates a cozy atmosphere, puts you in a good mood and turns hard floors into soft favorite places. Discover the entire repertoire in the carpet gallery, for example the natural-colored Best Wool Carpet Berber carpet, the HEVO dinosaur play mat or a dotted room artist from Vorwerk. Feel good with brightly colored floor designs – that is our motto! Browse through the wide portfolio of decors, materials, colors and sizes. Underline the furnishings in the children’s paradise according to your ideas. Velor carpet, street carpet, natural fiber carpet? Clever categories quickly guide you to the desired type of carpet. Refresh your children’s room floor with a new favorite piece.

Enchanting children’s carpets for fun and cosiness

Whether car races or fairytale land, there is plenty of space on the floors in babies’ and children’s rooms for exciting experiences. Therefore, the surface should be comfortable, soft and pleasantly warm to the feet. Carpets for children offer a great opportunity to make the rooms of little explorers fascinatingly beautiful, to warm delicate little feet and to insulate noise. In every category of the carpet store, there is a large repertoire of textile floor coverings with creative motifs and in beautiful colors that stimulate the joy of discovery. A full-surface play carpet with spaceships, Star Wars heroes and planets takes little explorers into the overwhelming universe. So that the youngest can let off steam carefree, a velvety soft and extremely robust proves velor carpetin sky blue, lime green or claret as a dazzling choice. Our varied portfolio is designed to beautify the realm of girls and boys individually. The enchanting children’s carpets bring fun and cosiness into the rooms of babies, kindergarten children and school children. HEVO street carpets with colorful traffic and city worlds are equipped with durable fiber material so that toy cars glide effortlessly over the road. The carpet models from the globally successful company Vorwerk also prove to be extremely resilient and of excellent quality. Sun yellow or pink creations with white dots from the Bijou Petticoat collection are guaranteed to hit the spot with the kids. The enchanting carpets of stars await little sky stormers, that give the interior a dreamlike touch. Regardless of the design, all children’s carpets from our brand shop meet the highest quality standards. The best features:

  • Diverse motifs, patterns and colours
  • Unparalleled design possibilities
  • Game-stimulating environment
  • Non-slip and safe
  • Wonderful source of heat
  • soundproofing effect

Cheerful overall appearance in the children’s room with monochrome and patterned carpet decor

So that the little ones can enjoy a cozy haven full of warmth and be able to make big leaps, a soft, warm and non-toxic carpet is the best flooring option. In addition, crawling, running, hopping and romping on hard floors quickly becomes a slide. A fall on smooth stone floors or tiles is particularly painful and carries a high risk of injury. High-quality children’s carpeting is extremely safe, ensures a comfortable room climate and, thanks to its sound-absorbing properties, is easy on the nerves of parents and neighbors. With the child-friendly carpets in the carpet portfolio, maximum function, first-class comfort and fantastic design come together creatively. Nice that we have so many of them! Discover the children’s worlds of Vorwerk, HEVO and Best Wool Carpet in our repertoire.Street carpets for fast racing cars, cozy high-pile carpets and highly insulating wool carpets abound in the carpet shop. Thanks to the variety of single-colored or patterned carpet decors, you can easily match a ready-made or made-to-measure floor artist to your interior and thus stage a cheerful overall appearance in the children’s room. Plain carpets in orange, pink, blue, violet or pink go well with clean interiors as well as with playful furniture. Squeaky ducks and whimsical cats can thrive on the light background of shaggy rugs made from high-quality Antron yarn. Textile companions in pastel colors have a wonderfully relaxing and naturally beautiful effect. What it may be? Pattern, dots, nature? Sling, velor, Berber? meter goods, custom cut ? The simple navigation through our categories will help you to find the carpet of your dreams.

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Premium quality children’s carpets from the design world of top brands

Whether as a cuddly play mat, for a quiet background noise or as the basis for a harmonious ambience – lovingly made carpeting for the children’s room is at the top of the hit list. With their varied motifs, effective structures and dreamy color harmonies, the versatile floor designers open up a realm full of playfulness and joie de vivre. In the portfolio of your Swiss carpet shop you will only find branded carpets from well-known manufacturers, which you can order by the meter in various roll widths and roll lengths. In addition, the room dimensions option gives you the opportunity to determine the length and width yourself and to purchase the floor covering in the dimensions you want, exactly fitting your floor plan. Whether it’s a play rug, velor rug, sisal rug or Berber rug – your new piece of jewelery will be specially tailored to your desired dimensions by qualified experts and is a custom-made product. In our repertoire we have a huge range of premium quality children’s carpets from the multifaceted design world of top brands ready for you. Textile floor coverings from well-known producers such as Vorwerk and HEVO are modern, allergy-friendly, durable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. The products tested for harmful substances do not contain any substances that are hazardous to health. This is particularly important with children’s rugs, as they primarily serve as a play area with ground-level contact. In our web gallery there are age- and development-appropriate quality carpets in all variants – from street carpets with low soiling tendency to Berber carpets made of pure new wool.

Shop carpet for the children’s room with great motifs and plain colors conveniently online

From now on it’s all about the floors! No wonder, because the sensational floor designers for boys and girls make every interior shine. Whenever you need a soft eye-catcher, our stylish children’s carpet is there. Stars, dots, funny animals and courageous space travelers like to stop by in the little ones’ paradise. There is a lot to marvel at on Dino play mats, as fun and colorful as a children’s book. Velvety soft velor carpets in ice gray with geometric elements bring modern functionalism into the youth room. Sweet animal motifs in pastel pink, creamy white and vanilla yellow make babies chuckle happily. In our eventful repertoire of carpets for children’s rooms you can expect floor coverings with great motifs and plain-colored specimens in the most beautiful tones. The charming everyday companions give Nordic, romantic and Mediterranean interiors a lively character. What is your little angel flying on? Maybe a fancy one HEVO Jungle carpet with a tiger look? Or on a multi-colored Vorwerk street carpet to drive through exciting construction sites? They are all represented in our cheerfully colorful children’s portfolio. The intelligently created categories in the higher-level headings, such as carpet type, usage class or decor, show you the way to your desired product without hesitation. In this category you can conveniently shop online for carpeting for the children’s room and have your order delivered to your home immediately. In just a few days, your little sparrow will be able to romp around as he pleases, play imaginatively and have a lot of fun. We cordially invite you and your offspring to our unique children’s carpet world.

Carpet for the Children's Room