Carpets in a Large Variety of Designs

Carpets in a Large Variety of Designs

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Carpets in a Large Variety of Designs

A soft carpet provides pleasant walking comfort, cushions the footsteps and helps to save energy. With a carpet laid flat on the subfloor, you can enjoy the pleasant feeling under your feet from wall to wall. Thanks to the large variety of designs, patterns and colors, the right carpeting can be found for every room. Discover numerous variations for different degrees of stress – from velor , needle felt and high pile to sisal, flat weave and loop pile to contract and children’s carpets. Regardless of whether you decide on broadloom or carpet tiles, the right textile floor coverings give rooms an incomparable character. With us you buy first-class quality from well-known brands such as Astra, Tretfort, Edel Carpets, Vorwerk and Associated Weavers (AW). Proven classics and hip trend models made of high-quality fabrics easily withstand a long service life. Look forward to a wide range of carpet collections that transform private and commercial spaces into tasteful oases of well-being.

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Different types of carpet for every need and preference

Classic, modern, rustic or luxurious: Attractive carpet designs create an inviting cosiness and have an unexpected effect on the ambience of the room. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are different types of carpets that provide a sublime feeling when walking, are pleasing to the eye and can be perfectly combined with the rest of the interior. The floor covering that can be laid over the entire surface is also referred to as fitted carpet or carpet by the metre. In addition to aspects such as material, weight and structure, other criteria play a role when buying carpets, for example whether the home textiles are dirt-repellent, allergy-friendly or suitable for underfloor heating. Hard-wearing, easy-care and foot-warm velor carpets bring a cozy flair to living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms with their velvety soft surfaces. Fluffy high-pile carpets are wonderful sources of heat for the entire floor, which have a strong noise-insulating effect and make even bare rooms more homely in a flash. If you love simple beauty, you should definitely get to know the Berber and wool carpets in our portfolio, which are captivating with their naturalness. The comfortable floor textiles form a harmonious overall picture with their aesthetic woven structures and subtle colors such as natural white, light gray or sandstone melange. If you prefer natural wall-to-wall carpets, a heat-retaining sisal carpet with a matching skirting board could also be your favourite. The extremely hard-wearing base made of solid natural fibers ensures a healthy living climate and is a plus point in the play-loving children’s realm.

Creative freedom with carpets in multifaceted colors and patterns

On a sound-absorbing carpet, your feet are warmer and softer than on any other floor covering. The higher the pile of the flooring, the more fluffiness you can enjoy. A cuddly shaggy rug in anthracite, purple or turquoise impresses with its woolly feel and provides an extra portion of cosiness in the children’s room, living area or office. High-pile and short-pile carpets are very hard -wearing that, unlike velor carpets, have no shades. Monochrome, mottled or patterned terry goods made of synthetic or natural fibers are available in all price ranges. As a true classic, this fitted carpet gallantly adapts to all living styles. We offer you excellently processed carpets in multifaceted colors and patterns that allow maximum creative freedom. White, red or blue plains, play carpets with inspiring landscapes, attractive classic patterns made of high-tech fabric: we provide you with easy-to-care-for carpets in the designs and dimensions of your wishes, which you can match in color to your furniture, curtains and home accessories . Whether with a full pile, made of pure wool or coarsely woven from sisal- the different options of carpet yarns and carpet backing in various qualities make it possible to create an ambience according to your taste. To set individual color accents in living rooms, carpet tiles made of loop pile, wool felt or velor material are becoming increasingly popular. The easy-to-lay, quick-change carpet squares are particularly popular in heavily used areas such as entrances and passageways.

Hotel, office and trade fair carpets – particularly robust, wear-resistant and flexible

Carpet floor coverings offer a high level of comfort, have excellent acoustic properties and ensure greater safety than hard floor coverings. You will find not only living room carpets in attractive designs, but also a wide range of carpeting for commercial purposes. Hotel, office and trade fair carpets have to withstand much higher loads than domestic flooring. Benefit from our range of products for the object sector with higher classified use classes and corresponding fire protection classes. A floor covering with wear class 32 is recommended for individual offices, cafés and utility rooms. Locations such as open-plan offices, department stores and public buildings do better with service class 33. As a particularly robust, Wear-resistant and flexible carpeting, the textile covering is designed for long-term commercial use. The innovations we offer from well-known premium brands such as AW, Balta Tiles and Tretford meet the highest quality requirements. The highly sound-insulating ball yarn carpets from Fabromont achieve the highest usage classes and are available in numerous color combinations. Hard-wearing needle felt carpeting, which can be easily cleaned of dust, performs well in heavily frequented areas such as business premises, hotel rooms, trade fairs and conference rooms. Often to be found in mottled coloring, impurities are difficult to recognize on the clean-looking needle fleece carpet.

Buy high-quality carpeting online at any time and have it conveniently delivered

Plain or patterned carpets are among the most popular floor coverings in objects and living spaces. The home textiles are non-slip, can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and reliably dampen footsteps and room noise. Fluffy, long-pile carpeting and soft loop-pile fabric make walking feel like a cloud. Antistatic sisal flooring made of particularly strong fibers has a soothing massage effect when walking barefoot. But no matter whether you are looking for a sea-blue velor carpet with stars for the children’s room or want to embellish your favorite room with an off-white Berber carpet – you are sure to find what you are looking for in the wide range of goods in our online shop. With us you can buy high-quality carpeting for living spaces and objects from well-known brand manufacturers online at any time and have it conveniently delivered to your desired location. With the practical filter functions, you can easily find the item you are looking for, be it carpeting suitable for underfloor heating or models with particularly high sound absorption. Choose size, decor, service class, material thickness or quality features such as “Made in Europe”. All products that share these properties will be displayed to you immediately. We want you to be satisfied in the long term, so you can order a sample of your choice. Feel and see the material to see if it fits your vision. We offer you excellent carpet quality at a superior price-performance ratio. You prefer a carpet because you can place it freely? In this category, too, we have a coordinated program ready for you in a convincing variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Carpets in a Large Variety of Designs