Constructs a Manual Charger for Your IPod

Imagine for a moment it happens something completely possible: find yourself in the middle of the desert far away from civilization, with your brand new iPod and suddenly you exhaust the battery. Incredible but can pass.

Obviously in those moments the first urgency is not water, that there it will be time when we resolve the first catastrophe: I can not hear music on my iPod. Urges therefore find a power supply, but the day we present at Engadget solar charger for iPods, you not us you read. Badly made. Have the consequences of such Audacity you vito?.

But there is still a solution to the macGyver: build yourself a charger using the flashlight you carry in your backpack.
So did this kid that surely he was concerned found on the situation that you’re you now, in the middle of the desert with solar charger.
So it bought in the Netherlands a flashlight that works by means of manual power through a Dynamo, and uncle built his spectacular home charger, which at the moment only promises that it works on your iPod.

So now you know, if you’re going to go out into the wilderness, you have two solutions: * take the solar charger and a large water bottle.
* Get printed instructions to build this charger if the flies and the necessary material, but you know that water has outgrown you. You decide.