Covering box spring beds correctly

Covering box spring beds correctly

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Covering box spring beds correctly

Since box spring beds are constructed differently than conventional beds, you need different sheets or other formats for fitted sheets to cover box spring beds. In the following article, you can read up on what to look for when buying suitable sheets for your box spring bed, valuable tips for making the bed and information on proper care.

How are box spring beds made?

The answer to the question “How do you get a box spring bed?” Cannot be answered across the board. It depends, among other things, on the components of the box spring bed.

If, for example, a mattress with a conventional drill cover is used as the top mattress, this should also be provided with a protective sheet.

If the cover of the top mattress has a decorative insert made of fabric, synthetic leather or leather on the outside, you can do without a sheet. In this case, often only the topper of the box spring bed is covered, which means that the special look that results from the special box spring structure made up of three components is retained.

You can also cover the topper and mattress of your box spring bed with sheets in different colors in order to create very special contrasts and to realize your personal living wishes.

What sheets for box spring beds?

Basically, when making box spring beds, we recommend fitted sheets specially designed for this purpose. Fitted sheets with a low bar height are offered for the sole covering of toppers, fitted sheets with an extra high bar for the joint covering of the top mattress and topper or just for the top mattress.

In addition, special fitted sheets are available for covering so-called split toppers, some of which are used in electrically adjustable box spring beds. These have one or two incisions in the middle.

For more information on choosing a sheet, see the next section on the right sheet size.

What size for the sheet?

Box spring beds in a Scandinavian or European structure are available in the bed sizes customary in this country. The width available for the lying surface of the bed usually ranges from 80 cm to 200 cm. The standard length is 200 cm. In addition, excess lengths such as 210 cm or 220 cm are often available. The size of the sheet for the box spring bed must first match the size of the bed surface.

If you have a box spring bed from the USA, this will differ in size from the German standards. In America there are other standard sizes for the lying surface of the beds. The easiest way here is to get a suitable sheet in American bed size or a sheet from the USA.

In addition to the size of the sheet in side length x side length, the height of the mattress to be covered or the mattress duo to be covered (top mattress and topper) must also be taken into account. One speaks here of the so-called web height. Since the bar height of box spring beds is usually significantly higher than that of beds with a regular structure, conventional fitted sheets are usually not suitable. Special box spring fitted sheets should be used here. If the box spring bed is to be covered with a simple sheet, the area should be large enough to take into account the height of the bar and the necessary “overhang on all sides” so that the sheet can be pushed firmly and far enough under the mattress of the bed .

If only the topper of the box spring bed is to be covered, the height of the bar plays only a minor role in the selection of a suitable fitted sheet, as it is less with the topper than with conventional mattresses. In theory, a simple fitted sheet can be used to cover the topper. Special topper fitted sheets, however, offer the advantage of a better fit and thus a better, more accurate fit.

That’s what matters:

Size of fitted sheet

The size of the fitted sheet is often given in the form of a range (from … to …).
Example: 90 x 190 cm to 100 x 200 cm or 180 x 200 cm to 200 x 220 cm
Occasionally you will only find a size recommendation for the bed width.
A fitted sheet size is equally suitable for covering different bed sizes. This fact is usually based on the fact that fitted sheets have a stretch or elastane content that makes them stretchable to a certain extent.

How do you recognize a good bed sheet?

Bed sheets are available in many designs, colors and qualities – also for box spring beds. The quality of bed sheets is primarily based on the materials used and careful workmanship. For a healthy bed climate, we recommend choosing sheets that are made largely of natural materials such as cotton. A small amount of elastane helps the (fitted) bed sheet to be more stretchable, which in turn improves the fit and simplifies handling.

Covering box spring beds correctly