Custom-made Non-woven Wallpaper

Custom-made Non-woven Wallpaper

February 23, 2022 Decor 0
Custom-made Non-woven Wallpaper

Romance in the living room, nature in rest areas, elegance in the hallway: With non-woven wallpaper, you can give your room its own unique character. In the wallpaper wallpaper store, we present you with an extensive selection of exclusive pattern wallpapers, photo wallpapers and textured wallpapers, as well as decorative panels and borders in a multifaceted variety of designs and models. Create an individual atmosphere for a distinctive ambience with custom-made non-woven wallpapers. The breathable wallpapers can be easily attached using the wall-pasting technique without any exposure time. Whether plain wallpaper, natural stone wall, foggy forest, geometric decor or children’s room wallpaper with adorable animal motifs – in our non-woven wallpaper section you will find the popular wall artists in different styles, which flow harmoniously into every interior.

Beautify walls breathtakingly with quality non-woven wallpaper

Our selected non-woven wallpaper collection is varied, modern and expressive. The wealth of design styles offers you the perfect opportunity to design your rooms according to your personal preferences and to skilfully underline the ambience – from the cozy country house look to the French living style to Scandi chic. Bring subtlety or an exciting mix of colors into your home. In this category you can expect beautiful non-woven wallpapers from the current collections, including rustic stone looks, exotic-tropical jungle styles, stylized ornaments or variants that can be practically painted over. Beautify your walls with quality non-woven wallpaper to create a charming atmosphere in a simple way. Floral flowers in rose and gray on a stylish photo wallpaper radiate lovely aesthetics in the living room or dining room. If you are looking for a sophisticated wall covering, an ornamentally refined patterned wallpaper in shades of gray and black will bring the fairytale charm of the Orient into your home. If you want to make impressive statements, the brightly colored wallpaper models are an ideal choice. Plain, structured and patterned non-woven wallpapers are of course also available in muted nuances in this category. For the little ones, we have heart-warming ones in our category Children ‘s wallpapers with cute animal motifs and cute scenes assembled. Our hard-wearing non-woven wallpaper can be easily applied end-to-end using the adhesive technique, ensures a healthy room climate, is extremely tear-resistant and yet breathable. The advantages at a glance:

  • Can be wallpapered directly without soaking time
  • Highly resistant to mold
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • For all wallpaperable surfaces
  • Without phthalate plasticizers and PVC
  • Can be removed in whole lanes without leaving any residue

Non-woven wallpaper trends and inspiration for comfortable living

If you opt for the non-woven wallpaper variant, you will benefit from maximum durability, easy processing and simple cleaning. Designing with this functional and decorative wallpaper version is extremely popular. Fleece wall coverings are also ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom. The washable carrier material made of cellulose and polyester fibers is resistant to moisture and cannot expand or contract. Since no moisture is trapped between the wall and the paper, no mold forms. Thanks to the wide range of colors and patterns, you can achieve amazing effects, for example by emphasizing a living area with visual accents. With large-format wallpaper fleece in a heavier version, you can also create butt joints, Cover minor cracks in the base coat and bumps. Explore the new non-woven wallpaper trends in the non-woven wallpaper gallery and get inspiration for comfortable living with wonderful wall coverings. A noble feel-good effect in optics and haptics exude aesthetic textured wallpaper . Due to their tangibly relief-like surface, even single-colored versions with melodic shades of a nuance are captivating. Various embossings such as marbling, wood paneling or stone walls give structured non-woven wallpapers their three-dimensional radiance, which is particularly effective in rooms flooded with light. Structured and embossed wallpapers in numerous decors are available in the wallpaper shop. In particular, the colors white, black, anthracite and cream underline the noble style of the room artist who likes to mix and match. Of course you will find many other types of non-woven wallpaper with us. Use pattern, photo, children’s or plain wallpaper as a stylistic device to fulfill highly individual interior wishes.

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Non-woven wall designs from designers, artists and established manufacturers

Pattern wallpaper in a concrete look, embossed wallpaper with wood-like structures, children’s wallpaper with funny animal faces – wall coverings made of non-woven make life more varied, feel right at home in any interior and cater to very different preferences. Geometric and floral elements, suggested wipes, but also exquisite monochrome decors form modern compositions that give priceless moments of well-being. Our innovative non-woven wall designs come from very good houses and enjoy a constantly growing fan base. Renowned designers, talented artists and established manufacturers such as Rasch, AS Création and Livingwalls always surprise with new wallpaper designs so that you can enjoy fascinating views. In the wallpaper portfolio, we have a wide repertoire ready for every room, from the living and dining room to the bedroom and wellness area, to the bathroom and children’s room. Of course, you can also install the high-quality design, artist and brand wallpapers with non-woven backing in offices and business premises without any problems. Go for luxury in the living room with a metallic shimmering patterned wallpaper by Michalsky Living in a grey-black leopard look. Harmonizing and paradisiacal in A UN-Designs photo wallpaper with a floral dream of roses, cornflowers and magnolias looks great in a bedroom or hallway. Non-woven wallpaper category you will also find charming children’s wallpapers with imaginative animal illustrations such as the “World of Dinosaurs” by the artist Kristina Kvilis. Take a look at our detailed wallpaper designs, which we offer you in uncompromisingly excellent quality. Would you rather dress your walls in one color? The non-woven wallpaper collection makes it possible and opens up a wealth of design options.

  • Blue for balance and harmony
  • Yellow for invigorating effects
  • Pink for inspiration and gentleness
  • Green for regeneration and security
  • Gray for elegance and discretion
  • White as the ideal combination colour

Unique highlights with non-woven wall murals

Wall murals with romantic forest scenarios, structured wallpaper in a shiny gold diamond style or wall coverings with iridescent patterns – durable non-woven wallpapers are based on any interior thanks to their numerous colors and designs. Create a wonderfully cozy feeling in the dining room, in the hallway, in the office or in the bathroom. Our durable, easy-to-process, modern non-woven wallpapers allow almost unlimited combination possibilities and offer you a lot of creative freedom for a wall design according to your taste. Regardless of whether opulence should resonate with romance, elegance or originality, you will find the perfect wallpaper for large and small-scale wall art in our selected editions. Set unique highlights in private or commercial spaces with luxurious, puristic or extravagant non-woven wallpaper from the wallpaper shop. Do you want to combine the advantages of paint and wall covering? Then take a look at the paintable wallpaper variants in our non-woven category. With the right color, the wall covering can be matched exactly to your interior. In our non-woven wallpaper store you will find a wide variety of wall colors and varnishes for individual room images. The concrete colors or wallpaper designs are determined by your own wishes and needs. Be it with magnificent ornaments, a floral interpretation or lovingly illustrated children’s motifs – the most important thing is the effect.

Custom-made Non-woven Wallpaper