Decoration with Painter Fleece

Decoration with Painter Fleece

February 26, 2022 Decor 0
Decoration with Painter Fleece

Healthy living, easy to paint over and incredibly versatile – painter’s fleece combines numerous positive properties in its different versions. The immensely hard-wearing and breathable material is a special non-woven wallpaper that is used to reinforce and renovate wall and ceiling surfaces. Painter’s coating fleece made of natural and synthetic fibers forms the perfect substrate for sticking on wallpaper such as profile, paper and pattern wallpaper or for a fresh coat of paint – a real all-rounder with many talents. You will find high-quality branded painter’s fleece, including Erfurt Glattvlies Uni white, AS Création Makulaturtvlies and Rasch renovation fleece. For an excellent wallpapering result, we offer stain-free drying paste with high adhesive power reserve in this category. In our wallpaper shop, experience the multifaceted possibilities of creatively designing walls with easy-to-use multi-fleece from successful brands.

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Simple and efficient: wall design with painter’s non-woven wallpaper

Painter’s fleece, also known as paint or renovation fleece, originally served as a wallpaper background. After professionals and builders realized that the material paints very well, manufacturers developed more and more types of leveling fleece. As a replacement for woodchip or fine plaster surfaces, painter’s fleece offers numerous advantages. The fibrous material is crack-bridging, extremely durable, breathable, dimensionally stable and can be painted over several times. Just like wallpaper, the abrasion-resistant wall covering can be effortlessly glued to wall surfaces using paste or non-woven wallpaper special adhesive. Today, in addition to smooth nonwovens, you will also find variants with special effects such as three-dimensional or structured decors. The extremely hard-wearing fabric made from polyester and cellulose fibers enables simple and efficient wall design when refurbishing and renovating in private and commercial areas. In the painter’s nonwovens shop, there is a large selection of nonwovens that can be painted over and wallpapered over. In this category we have PVC and fiberglass-free waste fleece, which easily equalizes tension between the subfloor and the wall covering. Pre-pigmented smooth fleece plain white is characterized by a particularly even surface and can be easily processed using the wall-pasting technique or a wallpapering machine. The Meistervlies Pro Protect collection impresses with a variety of varied structures for an individual color design that makes every room a unique eye-catcher.You can order patterned wallpaper for painting over cheaply online in this section. The advantages of innovative painter’s fleece at a glance:

  • Excellent underground coverage
  • Individually paintable and coatable
  • Easy processing
  • No soak times
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Lightfast, tear-resistant, bridging hair and nettle cracks
  • Easy to clean
  • Completely dry strippable

Painting, renovation and background fleece for impressive living environments

Base fleece, repair fleece, paint fleece – there are many names for modern wall and ceiling fleece, depending on regional usage and area of ​​application. The multifunctional material can also be used as a base wallpaper that can easily be pasted over, as well as wall covering that can be painted over several times. Due to its versatility, the universal genius has relegated the well-known woodchip wallpaper to its place. Superbly adhering painter’s paint fleece is mold-resistant and hardly inflammable, neither contracts nor expands, is easy to clean and can be removed again without leaving any residue. You can easily conceal smaller cracks such as shrinkage and drying cracks on plaster. Realize your ideas of an impressive living environment with versatile painting, renovation and background fleece.Use the living room or hallway wonderfully as a surface that can be directly overworked and decoratively refine it with spatula techniques, trendy wallpaper creations or any wall colors. Would you like a nice patterned wallpaper to paint over? Our decorative paint wallpapers in white are ecological products that are ideal for bedrooms and children ‘s rooms . Diffusion-open base fleece can also be used in the bathroom or kitchen without hesitation attach, because the breathable backing material reliably prevents the formation of mold in damp areas. You can flexibly order high-quality universal paste for all stable surfaces and highly absorbent surfaces in the wallpaper shop. You will of course also find wallpapering brushes, ceiling brushes and painter’s tape in our range of accessories for processing smooth, waste and renovation fleece.

Transform walls spectacularly with paintable base fleece

If you want to give your rooms that very personal wow factor, the non-woven wallpaper is exactly the right partner. In the painter’s fleece shop you can expect a varied range of renovation and painting fleeces from well-known brands, for example the highly washable fleece fiber wallpapers Maxx Economy from Erfurt, AS Création waste fleece for colored plaster, glazes and paints or Power fleece pattern wallpapers from Architects Paper. Bring your ideas and your creativity to the wall. Regardless of whether you like the clean look, favor the colorful mix of colors or are a fan of the cool industrial style – you can transform your walls spectacularly with paintable basic nonwovens. You can find detailed information about the properties of the quality painter’s fleece on our detail pages. We offer AS Création Maku fleece, which can be applied to the wall in strips like waste paper for new wallpapering or a new coat of paint. The voluminous Erfurt is a solid paint base for any painting technique or for flat processing of structured substrates Variovlies Plano recommended. The moisture-regulating natural product made from textile fibers and recycled paper scores points as an all-round healthy wall covering. In addition to smooth painter’s nonwovens, you can also buy patterned and textured nonwoven wallpapers in our shop at extremely fair prices. Wallpaper fleece that can be painted over and wallpapered over invites you to create an eventful interior design, underlines the individual living atmosphere and ensures that plus of uniqueness. We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility. With a purchase in our shop you build on:

  • Top brand quality
  • Ecologically sound ingredients
  • Consistent quality assurance
  • Seals of Approval and Certifications
  • Careful use of resources
  • Long usage time

Branded painter’s fleece of good quality at low prices

Painting and leveling fleece made of breathable cellulose and textile fibers is a universally applicable material for renovation, modernization and renovation work. The multifunctional fleece products are ideal for bridging cracks and renovating areas that are at risk of cracking. A wonderful invention for professionals, perfectionists and enthusiastic interior designers. If you value certified branded painter’s fleece of good quality at reasonable prices, you will be well looked after. AS Creation-Makulaturtvlies, Rasch-Renoviervlies or Erfurt-Glattvlies – in our special category you will find high-quality multivlies in smooth, patterned and structured looks for staging walls that bear your own personal signature. With many years of experience and in-depth know-how, internationally renowned manufacturers produce healthy-living leveling and coating nonwovens for every area of ​​application and every taste. In the specialist shop we can present you with a wide collection of fleece fiber wallpapers that is second to none. Whether you are renovating your home, renovating your business premises or moving into your first apartment: a wall change or embellishment is always a fantastic idea. Our quality painter’s fleece is easy to use, even for inexperienced users. We would like, that you only get the best to be able to transform your walls according to your wishes. The living worlds show themselves in many facets – sometimes elegant, sometimes extravagant, sometimes rustic. With our multifaceted painter’s fleece collection, you will experience modern interpretations that adapt to any furnishing style as stylish wall wallpaper or perfect wall painting. Browse through our diverse non-woven wallpaper designs that will inspire you in the truest sense of the word. which can be used as stylish wallpaper or as the perfect coat of paint to adapt to any furnishing style. Browse through our diverse non-woven wallpaper designs that will inspire you in the truest sense of the word.

Decoration with Painter Fleece