Designers Create 3D-Printed Bicycle Frame With Indoor Lighting

Built with Transparent Synthetic Polymer Tubing, Aurora Bright Bike Counts with Hundreds of Leds Inside to Be Seen from Afar

A group of American designers and developers launched this month on the collective funding site Kick starter a bicycle design built with 3D technology, whose main differential is its ability to be self illuminated, dispensing the need to use Headlights and safety lights in low-light conditions.

Baptized Aurora Bright bike, the bicycle is constructed from a frame utilizing synthetic polymer tubing, printed in 3D, with aluminum alloy joints.

In its interior, a system consisting of hundreds of LEDs is responsible for the back lighting of the frame, which can be configured through a smart phone application. The result is a bicycle that can be seen from the distance under any lighting conditions.

The frames of the bike will be made available in three different types of finishes: transparent, where the LEDs are easily discernible through their interior; Translucent, which results in a dimmed visual and; Opaque, which gives a visual effect similar to that of neon lamps.

If the collective funding campaign reaches its goal, the Aurora Bright bike bikes will be made available in three full mount options: Single Speed (800 USD), Prometheus 1, with lighting programming via smartphone (1,000 USD); And the Apollo XI Limited Edition (2,500). There is also the possibility of acquiring the loose frame, for prices from 500 dollars.