Different Furnishing Styles

Different Furnishing Styles

June 4, 2022 Decor 0
Different Furnishing Styles

Interior styles and furnishings have a major impact on the look and feel of your home. Furniture not only offers you storage space for your things or offers you seating options, but is also a large part of your furnishing style. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the different furnishing styles and show you what makes each one so special.


There are many different furnishing styles that have been very popular for several years and are considered timeless. We will introduce you to the different styles and show you what makes these furnishing styles special:

  • Traditional furnishing style: Traditional furniture dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when furniture was made from natural materials such as wood, stone or leather. Furniture in this style is often heavy and classic with a very traditional color palette. As a result, these pieces of furniture create a rustic and extremely comfortable home.
  • Country style: Furnishings in country style are typically characterized by the use of wood. The country-style furniture is reminiscent of a holiday in the country. With this furnishing style, however, a distinction is made between the classic and modern country house style.
  • Rustic furnishing style: Rustic furnishings are typically characterized by nature and wood. Furniture in this style is often made from natural materials such as wood and transforms your home into a natural home.
  • Industrial furnishing style: Industrial style furniture is often characterized by the use of metals, plastics and glass. The furniture of this style is usually kept simple and has a modern color palette. Different materials such as wood and metal are often combined in this style, which creates a very special rustic but modern look.
  • Maritime furnishing style: This style comes from the Mediterranean region and brings the sea into your home. This style works with different shades of blue and mainly uses different ceramic elements. Anything that reminds you of the sea is very welcome here!


In addition to the timeless furnishing styles, there are always new furnishing styles or trends that are extremely popular over a certain period of time. We will show you which furnishing styles have become increasingly popular, especially in recent years:

  • Minimalist interior style: This style is usually characterized by a simple look and often uses neutral colors such as white, black or grey. This furnishing style is characterized by simple and targeted furniture with only a few, but targeted decorations. Here, the less the better. The style evokes a clean and orderly overall look.
  • Japandi furnishing style: The Japandi style is a very popular furnishing style, which combines the best features of the Scandinavian and Japanese furnishing styles. This style is simple and is characterized by its simplicity. With individual special Asian pieces of furniture you ensure a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Urban Jungle: As the name of this furnishing style already suggests, the aim here is to transform your home into a real plant paradise. With this furnishing style, the more plants the better! A Monstera plant is particularly popular here. In this style, different shades of green are cleverly combined with white, black or grey. Very popular are wallpapers, which are reminiscent of the jungle with their appearance.


Furnishing styles differ worldwide, so you can find different furnishing styles in almost every country. This is mainly due to the fact that every country is shaped by different cultures and customs, and new styles are constantly being established over the years. We introduce you to popular and well-known furnishing styles from cultures all over the world:

  • Scandinavian furnishing style: The so-called Scandi style is very similar to the country house style. The Scandinavian style works with white tones and various natural tones. The timeless furnishing style is characterized by modern furniture, which is specifically combined with antique furniture.
  • Asian furnishing style: This furnishing style is characterized by Asian flair. Materials such as bamboo and various wood looks are used here in particular. Even if there are different furnishing styles from Asia, various decorative elements such as Buddha statues complete this style.
  • French furnishing style: Romantic, modern and many different delicate colours, that is exactly what makes the French style so special. Playful chandeliers and mirrors with ornate decorations should not be missing from this style.
  • Oriental furnishing style: The oriental furnishing style is characterized above all by many different colorful fabrics and patterns. Especially curtains and carpets with different patterns are very important in this style and give the home a unique look.


There is a large selection of different furnishing styles and new ones are constantly being added. Many styles are trendy for a period of time and then disappear completely after a while. Meanwhile, there are styles that have established themselves among the population and are therefore considered timeless and classic. Furnishing styles often differ according to the culture and traditions of a country. There are also many different interior design styles that have become very popular around the world. Most of the time, these are trends that disappear again after some time because other new trends are added. Therefore, it always makes sense to choose a furnishing style in which you will feel comfortable over a longer period of time.

Different Furnishing Styles