Diverse Decorative Panels

Diverse Decorative Panels

February 24, 2022 Decor 0
Diverse Decorative Panels

Admirable decorative panels with a wood look or stone look, with trendy typography or baroque ornaments give you the opportunity to design your rooms aesthetically and functionally. The motifs of the modern stylistic elements are so varied that they harmonize with any interior – whether it is a house with a country house look, a loft in an industrial style or a glamorously furnished apartment. Browse through the decorative panels section and discover a variety of designs for individual beautification of interiors. Stage walls, cupboards, tables or doors with stunningly beautiful living walls Pop up panels or set luxurious accents in your rooms with textile design panels from Architects Paper. Choose your desired decor conveniently online from a wide repertoire. Experience the wonderfully inspiring panel selection for almost limitless design possibilities in our gallery.

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From a rustic wood look to a trendy typo look – design panels for every furnishing style

In our online gallery you will discover the entire spectrum of breathtaking wall and furniture decors that go just as well with minimalist furnishings as with romantic living styles. With our easy-to-use panel decors, you can give walls, doors, cupboards or individual parts a new look in no time at all. Discover distinctive decorative panels in a deceptively real stone look with a variety of colors and structures, which sometimes look harmoniously balanced and cozy, sometimes appear sophisticated and elegant. Botanical designs with ferns, leaves, bamboo trees or grasses transform living rooms and bedrooms into green oases in just a few simple steps. Inspired by the most beautiful types of wood, you will find authentically imitated wood looks for fascinating room experiences in our portfolio, whether trimmed to look old in the Living room or as a color accentuated plank wall with a washed-out look in the hallway. One of the most sought-after interior designs is undoubtedly Livingwall’s Pop Up Panels, which impress with their colorful and unique decor. The designs of the self-adhesive photo panels can be maritime, floral, wooden or brightly colored, as urban motifs, fresh fruit or stylish typography. The textile decorative panels from Architects Paper are noble and valuable in a perfect symbiosis of feel and look. Shiny embroideries, baroque ornaments, three-dimensional pattern motifs and shimmering sequins effectively draw attention to the luxurious design. From wood and stone looks that are true to the original to pompous baroque patterns and trendy typographic looks – with the mood-stimulating design panels from our multifaceted repertoire, you can set spectacular living accents in any furnishing style according to your personal taste. The plus points of the flexible panels:

  • High-quality design elements
  • Huge variety of decors
  • Robust, durable, easy to care for
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Money and time saving

Simple, inexpensive, clean: visual variety with wall and furniture panels

Aesthetic decorative panels or decorative tattoos are quick to assemble and are ideal for the effortless implementation of individual design ideas. The modern stylistic devices captivate with fantastic motifs and fantastic colours, are extremely hard-wearing and give walls, doors, furniture and other adhesive surfaces a permanently stylish appearance. Adorn your living room wall with an elegantly embroidered Architects Paper textile paneling in a metallic look or spice up the highboard in the kitchen with a Livingwalls pop-up panel in a trendy coffee bean style. A lively aura is created by our naturalistic decorative panels with a wood look. Imitations with a weathered look and wood structures with logos or lettering are particularly popular at the moment. For several years, room artists in stone optics have had their finger on the pulse of the times. With their real embossing, effects and light or dark tones, our modern stone panels have a high design factor, especially in clean chic and vintage style. Create a relaxing retreat in the bedroom, bring a floral ambience to the Children’s room or attractively upgrade the reading corner in the living room. Be inspired by a rich portfolio in our Decor Panels section and discover the loveliest furnishing ideas that inspire the feeling of well-being in your premises. With the high-quality wall and furniture panels, you can provide visual variety easily, cheaply and cleanly. Retro & vintage, typography & text, plain, flowers & plants? Which design suits you and your interior? Benefit from our large selection of motifs and colors in various theme worlds.

Chic decorative panels for the perfect rounding off of your living concept

Decorative panels are versatile design tools and come with a constantly growing selection of motifs, but they are always appealing, exquisite and stylish. In addition to the popular wood and stone look, temperamental decors kindle the fire for sensational room ideas. Dynamic and invigorating is the motto of Livingwall’s Pop Up Panels, which you can use as you wish to give your rooms a sophisticated finish. Put walls, furniture, room dividers or accessories in the limelight. With our self-adhesive decorative film you can perfectly round off your personal living concept in the simplest way. Plain decorative panels in elegant grey, soft beige or deep black leave nothing to be desired when it comes to creative design. The monochrome models await you in our store in fantastic colours. Do you prefer ornamental patterns, do you have a soft spot for world-famous skylines or do you love delicate floral and plant designs? Browse through our diverse repertoire and look forward to decors with a wow effect like on a photo wallpaper. Are you a fan of poems, verses and quotes? The portfolio in your Swiss interior shop includes a large number of decorative saying panels in terms of motif and color for the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom or office. Here you can conveniently order self-adhesive, lightfast and washable design foils as well as completely dry-peelable, textile panels on a high-quality non-woven backing online. Colorful fruit motifs on the kitchen table, elegant ornaments in the fireplace room, filigree grass on the entrance door of the practice – our heavenly beautiful decorative panels attract attention everywhere.

Buy decorative panels at surprisingly low prices

Modern wall, door and furniture panels are proving to be a dazzling alternative to tiles and wallpaper . The practical everyday wonders convince with uncomplicated attachment, high durability and easy-care properties. Cool stone look, rustic wood look, unusual ornaments, three-dimensional 3D looks, brightly colored Livingwalls pop-up panels: the exquisite beauties are ideal for individual and creative interior design. If at some point you no longer like the decor, it can be removed without any effort and without leaving any residue. Refine your walls, freshen up your furniture or make decorative objects the focal point. Inspired by nature, travel, cities, typography and art, the coveted design elements create fascinating spatial atmospheres far removed from the mainstream. Whether as a self-adhesive foil, made of plastic, textile fabric, vinyl or paper – choose your favorite design in our gallery at your leisure. The different shapes, materials, colors and motifs immediately conjure up completely new atmospheres. Discover our unique repertoire of decorative panels with exciting effects or in monochrome variants. Fabric, metal, stone or wood look to jet black designs: our panels offer so many great possibilities for a quick and easy transformation according to your preferences. Enjoy the intoxicating expressiveness of wonderful style elements that allow everything that pleases.

Diverse Decorative Panels