Find the Right Duvet for the Transition Period

Find the Right Duvet for the Transition Period

September 4, 2021 Decor 0
Find the Right Duvet for the Transition Period

If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night in spring because it is too warm in bed, or if you cannot fall asleep in autumn due to cold feet, then it is time to change the duvet according to the season. For the transitional period there are special duvets that adapt the sleeping climate to the changed heat requirements.

Transitional duvets are very temperature-regulating, serve a medium heat requirement and have good moisture management. They are slightly more voluminous than summer duvets, but not as heavy as duvets for the cold season.

The basics of transitional duvets

In the transitional period, duvets are recommended which, due to their special properties, offer a moderate and also sufficient warming effect.

Different types of duvets for the transitional period

Mono / year-round duvets

  • These blankets offer an average level in terms of filling quantity and warming effect compared to summer and winter duvets. In the transitional period, the properties of the ceiling are therefore exactly suitable.
  • The single quilt creates a medium-warm to warm bed climate and is therefore ideally suited to cooler nights.
  • This ceiling shape is recommended for people with a medium to high heat requirement.

Combination duvets

  • A combination duvet consists of two single duvets connected by snaps: a thin summer duvet and a medium-thick duvet for the transition period – these can be used separately depending on the season.
  • The four seasons duvet can be used all year round and can be adapted to individual heat requirements.

Suitable filling materials for transitional duvets

In addition to its warming effect, the filling material also has an impact on the temperature-equalizing and moisture-wicking properties of a duvet. For the transition period, fillings with a medium heat effect and very good temperature-regulating properties are recommended.

Filling materials with a medium heat effect and very good temperature compensation


  • The light hollow fiber filling is washable and has very good moisture management.
  • It is ideal for people with moderate heat requirements, for people who sweat a lot and for allergy sufferers.


  • Duvets with synthetic fiber filling are also very light and also quite voluminous.
  • Microfiber duvets meet normal heat requirements and are well suited for people who sweat little.

Merino wool

  • The wool, which comes from the merino sheep, has a very good conditioning effect, is pleasantly soft and air-permeable. The self-cleaning filling material is ideal for changing outside temperatures and supports a warm, dry sleeping environment.
  • The duvet is recommended for every heat requirement.


  • The voluminous filling is warmer, the higher the proportion of down in the down-feather mixture.
  • A down comforter is ideal for you if you hardly sweat and freeze quickly.

Camel fluff

  • It is a very high quality natural hair that is combed out on the abdomen of the young and mother animals. This makes it particularly soft, pleasantly light and very temperature-regulating. In addition, camel fluff transports moisture away very well.
  • Camel fluff is a cuddly blanket filling that provides pleasant warmth depending on the temperature conditions.


  • The exquisite under hair of the cashmere goat is particularly light and very soft. A duvet with this filling hugs you gently and is relatively thin with an unsurpassed warming effect.
  • The noble animal hair filling is recommended if you freeze relatively quickly even in the transition period.

Find the Right Duvet for the Transition Period