Floor Coverings for the Children’s Room

Floor Coverings for the Children’s Room

February 28, 2022 Decor 0
Floor Coverings for the Children's Room

Whether baby, kindergarten child or school child – beautiful floor designs bring fun to little world explorers and ensure cozy feel-good places. Lovingly designed floor coverings for the children’s room defy extreme stress and accompany the little ones into unique dream and play worlds. Create stimulating environments with a lively feel-good atmosphere with our creative interior designers in your desired shape and color. Round looped rug in purple, fluffy high- pile rug in grass green, azure blue piped rug or hard-wearing vinyl flooring? You will find children’s room coverings made of the highest quality materials in a rich variety of colors and shapes. The pleasantly walkable floors have big names such as Vorwerk, Hevo and Maya the Bee. Browse through our entire range or conveniently filter by category. Discover child-friendly floor solutions that inspire young and old alike.

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Long-lasting children’s and play carpets – imaginative in terms of color and motif

Children need space to move about and play to their heart’s content. A child-oriented floor design is the ideal basis for adventurous offspring. Crawling babies explore their world on all fours, toddlers are becoming more and more agile, for older kids their realm becomes a personal retreat. Long-lasting children’s and play rugs support the joy of experimentation, encourage creativity and arouse attention. In the trend decoration repertoire, imaginative textile floors in selected good quality for baby and children’s rooms, which are full of colors and motifs, are bustling with one another, wonderfully combining fascinating activities and soothing relaxation. Order trendy rugs for children of all ages cheaply and securely online in the shape and color you want desired size. Our extensive range of carpets includes a variety of decors, shapes, materials and dimensions – from the ocean blue looped carpet with white stars, to the downy, high-pile carpet in poppy red to the sunny yellow carpet with a cheerful dot pattern. Ellipse, round, rectangular, semicircle, square, polygon or oval? You can find the format you want in a matter of seconds in our carpet shapes category. Does your sweet princess love pink, purple and rose red? Is your little tot fascinated by astronauts, racing cars and pirates? In the children’s rugs for girls and boys sections, discover a generous selection of colors and motifs that will delight both sexes. Of course we don’t want to anticipate clichés, but experience shows that there are still classics in the floor design of girls’ and boys’ rooms. Read about the benefits and properties of our high-quality children’s rugs:

  • Soft play mat
  • Cozy warmth
  • cushioning of falls
  • Non-slip and soundproof
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Allergy-friendly and strictly tested for harmful substances
  • Protection for sensitive floors

Cheerfully colorful street carpets – play, learn and experience action

Carpets adapted to the needs of little bullies turn children’s rooms into cozy refuges. Cuddly soft play mats invite babies to crawl happily, highly abrasion-resistant learning mats with lively letters help the child to get to know the ABC. But textile floor coverings can also bring fantastic stories and great adventures to children’s paradise. Brightly colored street carpets are the perfect interior designers for playing, learning and experiencing action. Buildings with fiery red roofs, azure rivers, lush green natural landscapes and entire cities inspire children’s imaginations. Colorful traffic scenes with red toy cars, black and white zebra crossings and bright blue signs allow exciting stories to flow. In our exquisite portfolio you can expect comfortable play mats with non-slip embossed backs and easy-to-clean play mats with funny animal motifs. The almost indestructible short-pile carpets easily withstand all kinds of turbulence, because well-known manufacturers such as Vorwerk and Hevo use extremely easy-care, resilient and resistant materials with low soiling tendency. Most of our pollution-free play and street carpets are also available in the desired shape and size. The floor coverings, which have been given various health seals, fit harmoniously into all children’s or baby rooms. Would you rather design the kingdom of your offspring with a cloudy, shaggy carpet or a satin-matt, glossy piped carpet? Be inspired by the immense variety of colors and shapes and choose a custom-made children’s rug for every room size and living situation.

Vinyl flooring for young people – versatile, hygienic and robust

At some point, cute children’s worlds turn into cool teenage kingdoms. A pastel-colored baby rug with fluffy clouds, a children’s rug with dots or a play rug with fire engines ensure fun and security for the little ones. But with increasing age, the taste changes significantly. Childlike furniture, accessories and floors need a new look. A stylish floor design alone leads to amazing results and serves the youthful taste with all grandezza. Chic vinyl flooring is versatile, hygienic and robust. In the trendy teenager’s room, authentic stone decors are at the top of the popularity list. This floor covering can be mixed well with the industrial style or the urban jungle look. For many young people, modern design is an expression of clear colors and puristic material imitations. Vinyl coverings with a deceptively real tile look or with characteristic wood structures fully meet the demands of a dressy floor solution. Elastic design coverings made of vinyl provide cozy foot warmth, are characterized by high functionality and are resistant to moisture. If you would like to lay technically sophisticated vinyl flooring in a teenager’s room, you will find a wide range of roll goods, click vinyl and adhesive vinyl in decorative stone, Tile and wood designs from respected brands such as Joka and JAB Anstoetz. Does your teenager prefer cool rugs with a wow factor? Linked rugs in ice grey, square piped rugs in coffee brown or rectangular high-pile rugs in wool white you can order made-to-measure youth rugs in impressive quality with just a few clicks online.

Attractive floor coverings for children

Building blocks are set up and knocked over, racing cars drive through the area at high speed, a farm is home to cows, pigs and chickens – things are really lively in the children’s room or playroom. So that the offspring are safe on the road and the toy is not damaged, the right floor covering plays a major role. In each of our categories you will find low-maintenance, high-quality and harmless flooring systems for baby, children’s and young people’s rooms. Fluffy, high-pile carpets, motley play carpets, educationally staged street carpets, long-lasting vinyl floors in lifelike looks: Each of our floor concepts is optimized for children’s needs, convinces with maximum durability and is captivating in color and design. We have prepared a top selection of attractive floor coverings for children and teenagers for you. Would you like to include the manufacturers of your new children’s rug, carpet or vinyl flooring in your search? Then you will find the names behind the high-quality and sustainable floor designs in the Brands section, e.g. Vorwerk, Dekowe , Infloor or Disney. Our well-established made-to-measure service enables numerous play and children’s rugs to be made in freely selectable sizes and shapes. Whether semicircle, round or polygon, in small format or XXL – the trend decoration team fulfills all your children’s carpet wishes. Turquoise, green, yellow, red, violet, multicolored: In the colors section, we offer a quick and easy sorting so that you can easily find the color you want. Do you need a floor protection mat for hard floors, a good carpet knife or an effective stain remover? The right accessories are of course also available in our store.

Floor Coverings for the Children's Room