G-Light: Among the Largest Lighting Factories in Latin America!

G-Light Among the Largest Lighting Factories in Latin America!

Investment is what moves the G-light. One of the largest lighting companies in Brazil, the G-Light is now the only factory of LED lamps in the North and Northeast. Looking to bring the market news first-hand and with the quality required, the company applies the result of the business in more structure and technology.

G-Light Among the Largest Lighting Factories in Latin America!

Factory well-equipped and Modern

The G-Light currently has a factory structure complete result of the investment in new technologies for the manufacture of articles of lighting. With qualified professionals in the team, machines, and facilities of last generation, the quantity and quality of the manufactured products ensures the constant renewal of the catalogs and tracks the trends of the lighting world.

Complete line in articles lighting

In addition to lamps with innovative LED technology, in the factory of the G-light are produced articles lighting and lamps, Plafons, Spots and other accessories, ensuring the quality and durability of the products, the savings in lighting technologies, the modern design and functional lamps and articles, and the sustainability throughout the whole production.

G-Light Among the Largest Lighting Factories in Latin America! 3

LED technology is the newest bet of the G-light

LED bulbs are the most modern technology and efficient lighting. The economy exceeds 80% when compared to the other types, the durability can reach up to 3x more, and the value accessible further reinforces the high demand for the product.

With the help of suppliers modern, the G-light quest to constantly update the versions of the LED bulbs the most important providing to the consumer the economy, and optimum efficiency.

Competence and commitment with you!

The skills developed in the factory of the G-light are conceived primarily in the practical use and the insurance of articles of lighting.

  • Machines of last generation make the development of the products practical and effective.
  • Eligible employees by the company for the operation of the facilities.
  • Structure prepared for the development and improvement of new products.
  • Logistics operations streamline the delivery on a large scale at the national level.

Light bulbs and complimentary lighting that are resold throughout the country

In the factories G-Light are developed fluorescent lamps, LEDs, lighting fixtures, decorative Reactors, transformers and other accessories. The G-Light operates manufacturing traditional products, decorative, and lighting corporate, by reselling these articles to the major resellers of article of lighting, and the construction of the whole country.

G-Light Among the Largest Lighting Factories in Latin America! 3

Manufacture of LED lamps certified

With a work focused on improvements of the projects, most of the LED bulbs manufactured by G-light have already received the certificate from Inmetro, which is required for the resale of the products.

Single plant of LED lamps in the North and Northeast

  • Generating employment and consolidation in the market

Recognized throughout the country, the G-light produces and passes articles of lighting, especially LED lamps, in the whole of Brazil. The commitment led us to launch lamps, recognized in the market, a presence in major events in Brazil and generate jobs in the region (Feira de Santana, Ba, and Blumenau, SC).