High-quality Structured Wallpaper

High-quality Structured Wallpaper

March 7, 2022 Decor 0
High-quality Structured Wallpaper

Delicate tendrils, ornamental motifs, a rustic stone look , grandiose metallic effects: full-surface structured wallpaper designs embellish living and business spaces in a variety of styles. High-quality textured wallpapers impress with their unique character and are the perfect partners for individual designs with a breathtaking look. This wallpaper version is characterized by its tactile surface structure and transforms your wall into an absolute highlight. Various embossings give the wall coverings their unique spatial effect. You will find admirable wallpapers with a structure made of various materials. Discover the most beautiful creations with baroque patterns, floral designs or wood decors in our repertoire. Our vinyl, paper and non-woven wallpapers have a wide range of surface structures and patterns. In our gallery, experience a variety of structural profile wallpapers for every style of furnishing, which you can easily buy online.

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Relief and embossed wallpaper for a feel-good home

Impressive colours, motifs and patterns define the modern textured wallpaper. Do you need a relaxed ambience in the bedroom, would you like to create a creative zone in the hallway or give your home office a serious touch? Wallpapers with structure create an atmosphere with a luxury factor in every room and inspire with lively three-dimensional effects. The design spectrum of profile wallpapers ranges from elegant to subtle to sumptuously luxurious. White, black, cream, grey, red and gold are among the frequently chosen nuances. The tactile surface structure, which is also a pleasure for the hands, is characteristic of the stylish wall covering. With a simple design tool, you can achieve fantastic spatial appeal and breathe life into your favorite decor. Would you like a very special wall covering for your living room, bedroom or shop? In the wallpaper shop we have fine relief and embossed wallpaper in the most popular designs ready for you. In their aesthetic designs, the fascinating creations invite you to decorate to your heart’s content and create a feel-good home. Wallpapers with glitter conjure up brilliant shine in the room, models with a stone look give your walls a rustic flair, floral designs create pictures of delightful romance. In our wallpaper shop you will find an extensive selection of textured style wallpapers in many different designs in each category. The effective structuring on high-quality fleece, vinyl, textile or Paper wallpapers are characterized by the highest embossing brilliance. These are the plus points of the structural profile wallpaper:

  • Can be experienced visually and haptically
  • Realization of various design wishes
  • Designs from baroque to natural stone
  • Living walls
  • Washable and fade resistant
  • Different material versions

Versatile collections – textured and effect wallpapers to suit your style

Set elegant, dynamic or playful accents with structured wallpaper. Beautify your walls exclusively with eye-catching creations that open up the room and offer countless design options thanks to their invigorating surface structure Рbe it in living rooms and bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, or as gastro wallpaper in restaurants, bars and hotels. Pretty little flowers and filigree tendrils are among the coveted interior themes in our portfolio, as are striped decors, natural wood designs and wallpapers with glitter. Soft cream tones produce intensively colored motifs that are particularly rich in contrast. Baroque relief wallpapers on a black or dark gray background are perfect for sophisticated room landscapes. You can discover what moves the world of embossed wallpaper in the trend decoration gallery. Let yourself be inspired while browsing and scrolling through our versatile collections of textured and effect wallpapers in premium quality. The clearly sorted categories make it easy for you to find exactly the design that suits your personal style. Irresistibly beautiful Architects Paper textile wallpapers with the finest structure in gold and silver intensify the French style of living as well as the Scandinavian chic. The label AS Cr̩ation inspires individualists and country house lovers with pastel-colored textured non-woven wallpapers in a maritime tile look. Rasch pattern wallpapers unfold an almost royal spatial effect, pampering the eye with their ornamental play of shapes. We make it easy for you to find your way around in our wallpaper shop. The categories arranged by topic in the easy-to-understand navigation menu make it easier for you to make your selection. So you can find your dream wallpaper in no time.

Structured wallpaper for a phenomenal spatial effect

With a textured wallpaper, you can express yourself creatively on large and small areas. We offer profile wallpapers that are easy to process and come in a variety of materials. Stone looks, marbled designs, vinyl, fleece, textile and glass fiber with their relief-like surface structure ensure a noble living ambience. Our robust, breathable and lightfast embossed wallpaper is also ideal for wall design in the kitchen or bathroom. The skilful combination of distinctive design patterns and colors such as champagne or silk gray creates surprising contrast and detail effects in the interplay of light and shadow. Curved shapes, floral patterns, stone motifs or gold and silver elements reinforce the phenomenal spatial effect. Boho style, industrial look, Bauhaus interior – impressive structural profile wallpapers look good in any interior. But the embellishment with this wallpaper variant not only meets high optical demands through the harmonious coordination of patterns, contour drawings and colors. Rather, you will enjoy incomparable haptic experiences thanks to the tactile surface structure. Depending on which structural elements your favorite wallpaper is designed with, the room atmosphere changes. Whether flowery, simple with a toned stripe look or metallic shimmering wallpaper with glitter: Even if you only decorate one wall, a completely new ambience is created. Discover gorgeous wall coverings you can touch in our extensive portfolio. Brick, marble, tile, the deception is so good you have to touch the space artists. Also take a look at our editions by internationally renowned manufacturers and designers:

  • Andy Wand
  • Artist Edition
  • Industrial
  • Alpha
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Absolutely Chic
  • Authentic Walls
  • AS Creation

Atmospheric wallpapers with embossing and applications at attractive prices

Sensational effects can be achieved with colours, textures and surfaces. Create a visually and haptically attractive wall decoration with structured paper, textile or non- woven wallpaper . In our wallpaper shop, the selection of colours, surface finishes and patterns is huge. Atmospheric wallpapers with embossing, applications or stone and wood motifs You can order imitating designs inexpensively, conveniently and without risk. Our repertoire ranges from Mediterranean & maritime, to concrete & stones, to flowers & plants. Subtle in the hallway, nostalgic in the living room, extravagant in the trendy restaurant – the varied designs of our structural profile wallpapers turn every wall into an amazing work of art. Treat yourself to the delight of an overwhelming wall design.

High-quality Structured Wallpaper