Junior Athletes Are Preflighting To UCI Junior Series In São João Del Rei

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and strengthen Brazilian MTB level. Dumped will be on Sunday (June 11)

If it is adrenaline you seek, it is in the international Copa Levorin de Mountain Bike (CIMTB Levorin) that you will find. This is because the event brings together the best disputes of the mountain bike, such as the UCI Junior Series in the 2nd stage in São João del Rei. The test has been dropped at noon on Sunday, June 11th and the event happens on the Tancredo Neves Campus of the Universidade Federal de São João del Rei (Ctan – UFSJ) and has the entries open.

This is the fourth year that the competition will host a stage of the UCI Junior Series. In South America, there are only two events with this classification, and one of them is in São João del Rei and the other in Argentina. The competition is the dispute that most offers points for the category, 17 and 18 years, after the world and continental trials. The champions take 60 points in the world ranking, and the second placed sum 40 and the third, 30. They add points of athletes to conquer until the 20th placement.

In the feminine, the athletes Bruna Elias (Specialized Racing BR) and Marcela Lima (Roota Goulão MTB team) are preparing for the dispute, as well as athletes Andre Jun Aikawa (Audax Bike team) and Winston Pinto Port (Over Bike team).

The competitor Bruna Elias was first placed in Araxá and aims to defend the highest place of the podium in São João del Rei. “Having an UCI Junior Series step in Brazil is of great importance because it brings to our home athletes from other countries, so we can have a parameter of our level and still add points in the world ranking. For me, the most challenging is to elevate my level to the maximum to compete with these athletes. When I get to know that it’s going to have a junior Series test, I double my concentration, because it’s like a junior World Cup, “he said.

The athlete Marcela Lima also agrees and even says this is an opportunity to elevate the level of the Brazilian mountain bike. “When you prepare junior, you increase the level of sport in the country and the odds of winning more and more worldwide podiums and Olympics in addition to the points for the world ranking that we have the opportunity to sum up. Compete with overseas athletes, prepare the country’s base athletes for the future, aiming at the exterior level. And for me, the most challenging thing is to deal with it, since everyone is high-level athletes, “commented.

Who will also be in São João del Rei defending the first place on the podium, after having been the leader of the Araxá step, is Andre Jun Aikawa. “The UCI Junior Series in Brazil is an opportunity to develop and refine the sport in the country, since the future of sport is in the basic categories. Having an event of this level, without doubt, in addition to encouraging athletes, increases the level of the test in general, “he said.

The competitor Winston Pinto Harbor is also waiting for a high level of proof. “For being an UCI Junior Series test, the circuit consequently has an excellent technical level. In Roraima, which is where I live, it is a very flat site, so for me it is challenging to compete with all these athletes, even the Brazilians who live in mountainous regions. This year, I made the second place in the first step and in São João del-Rei I am training enough to get to the first place, even if there are athletes from other countries. I will be prepared, “commented.

According to the organizer Rogério Bernardes, the goal of having a UCI Junior Series step in CIMTB Levorin is fostering the mountain bike in the Brazilian. “For us to host a stage of the UCI Junior Series is a great responsibility and the opportunity to see future athletes who will soon be representing their countries at the Olympic Games”, Rogério Bernardes

CIMTB Levorin

Entries for the second stage of CIMTB Levorin are open. The event takes place between the 10th and 11th of June in São João del Rei. Furthermore, the entries for Congonhas, which happens between 18 and 20 August, and São Paulo, which will be between 22 and 24 September, are also open.

Check out the full regulation.

The CIMTB Levorin counts for the world ranking, of the International Cycling Union (UCI), part of the Olympic cycle Tokyo 2020 and also for the Brazilian ranking, Mineiro and Paulista.

International Cup of Mountain Bike commemorates the 22nd edition in 2017. The event has sponsorship of the Levorin, the official tire of the competition, and Co-sponsorship of Specialized, Sense Bike and Audax.

Track all of one of the main events of the World Mountain bike through social networking. There you will find photos and videos of athletes and evidence.

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