Led Luminaires in Street Lighting Are Already a Reality in Feira De Santana

Led Luminaires in Street Lighting Are Already a Reality in Feira De Santana

The LED lamps are already present in most of the brazilian houses, and this migration from conventional lighting to a new technology raises the need of public lighting to adapt to these new advances.

Led Luminaires in Street Lighting Are Already a Reality in Feira De Santana

Some time ago, the advances in lighting have been consistent with the development of the LED to the generation of light. Not only in the use of the element for the manufacture of conventional lamps, as well as in the variation of equipment and development of solutions for large projects such as lighting a large public road.

Is the time to migrate to the LED?

LED is the present and future of lighting. In addition to representing a discovery, the cartouche of benefits it is capable of generating more economy, less maintenance and contribute to a sustainable consumption and responsible energy. These are major problems for the growth of cities, especially Feira de Santana, who walks to the growth along with this phase.

There are specific models for public lighting?

The good performance of the LED, the fact does not warm up, have good durability and reduce the risk of shock or short circuits allows for a production increasingly more versatile of the articles of lighting. In our factory, the LED is so worked that we can respond to the demand of special requests.

Feira de Santana is well lit!

Currently the LED luminaires that already mark their presence on construction projects in Feira de Santana, Bahia, the city of our headquarters, undergo constant updates reaching more and more improvements and increasing efficiency. The lamp of LED for public lighting have been developed and refined in our laboratory in order to facilitate the compatibility of the product, the correct targeting of the illumination, easy installation and reduction of maintenance.

The versatility of them proposes the use in highways, avenues, squares and streets of the city and the cost benefit is that most justifies the exchange.

Why to change the conventional lighting now?

The lighting represents the largest part of public spending with electric power and the exchange of the equipment, although demand a second investment is highly important for the update, and accommodation of that spent.

Until some time the lighting of public spaces, buildings and other was accomplished with the installation of lamps with a steam discharge at high pressure. The use of LED lamps is not proposal only to the innovation of lighting products, but also to offer:

  • Greater visual comfortcaused by light tone and accurate light
  • More economy– to control wastage of energy caused by the lamps steam
  • More security– guaranteed by the good lighting of public roads

Even if it is not possible to do an instant exchange in all areas, start to draw new projects, such as monuments, highways, viaducts, squares with the integration of LED lighting in is an important step.