LED Quality-Differences From GOOD To Cheap

Quality Features Of LED Lamps

An LED lamp is a complex structure. Very different from the previous incandescent lamp. The following features characterize a good product: accordingly, these are important for good LED quality:

LED Quality-Differences From GOOD To Cheap
High color rendering index (Ra). (Technically currently available is a value of 90-95)
light color (Kelvin)-usually warm white is desired(<3000K). The lower/ warmer, the greater the challenge of light output.
Further indications are GAI , TLCI and TM-30-15
Light output (efficiency), unreliable manufacturers indicate the LED efficiency and do not mention the LED driver , optics and higher operating temperature for losses of up to 40%. (Apples with pears comparison)
Light distribution – The light should be distributed as homogeneously as possible. Sharp-edged light edges or bright spots are undesirable.
Optimized heat management, which on the one hand is not noticeable visually, nevertheless ensures good cooling of the LEDs. LED drivers and LED thank it with long life
And other parameters that would break the frame here. The most important, however, are mentioned.
All this explains the quality differences between cheap and good LED lamps.
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One of the very few LED lamp manufacturers to implement this LED quality requirements is LEDON from Austria.See for yourself.