Lithonia Lighting LED Lights

Lithonia Lighting LED Lights

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Lithonia Lighting





Brand Facts:

  • -Lithonia Lighting is known for its industry’s best portfolios of lighting for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential lighting applications.
  • -Its products- Fluorescent, HID and LED lighting are all of great quality, reliability and solid performance.
  • -Their common mission-Provide the Best Value in Lighting.


Main Categories:

Commercial indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial high bay and special environment lighting, exits and emergency systems, downlighting, decorative residential lighting, and relighting and retrofit products.


Time and place: 1946. Georgia, USA

Early products: Indoor and outdoor lighting



Headquarter Location
PO Box, A Conyers, GA 30012


Worldwide Locations:

Mexico, UK, Carandini Spain, Caribbean, Central & South America, Misddle East, South Asia & Africa, North & South & South East Asia, New Zwaland, Australia, Oceania & Pacific Lslands.


New Arrival:



Price Range:




CEO: Kenneth W. Honeycutt Jr.


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