Made-to-measure Stair Mats

Made-to-measure Stair Mats

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Made-to-measure Stair Mats

Attractive stair mats in different colours, materials and sizes emphasize the comfort of your home, minimize the risk of slipping and open up completely new design options. The practical stair pads increase safety for people and animals, have impact sound insulation properties and make the way to the next level more pleasant. You will find self-adhesive custom-made stair mats in a variety of designs for an attractive floor decoration. Whether in a semi-circular shape without angles, for spiral staircases or in a natural sisal look – you can order attractive protection for all kinds of stairs from the comfort of your own home. Enhance your entrance area with easy-care velor stair mats or give your elegant flat steel staircase a touch of romance with an enchanting star stair carpet. Experience the varied world of well-known brands such as Vorwerk , tretford and Hevo. Create a little more coziness step by step.

Mini carpets for stairs – diverse in colors, shapes and designs

Not just in the living and sleeping areas our feet are happy about softly padded floors, but also on the steps. Modern stair mats for indoor use offer pleasant walking comfort and a high degree of sure-footedness for the whole family. Even dogs and cats don’t slip on their four paws. Functional stair mats reduce the wear and tear on sensitive stone and wooden steps, dampen the noise of footsteps and create more comfort in the comfort of your own home. Interior stair mats are made from durable natural materials such as sisal or highly abrasion-resistant functional fibers such as polypropylene. Mats made of aluminum or rubber are available for outside stairs. In their formats, finishes and designs, mini carpets for stairs are extremely diverse. We offer you custom-made stair mats for individual applications – contemporary in design and easy to care for. Adjust your dream mat perfectly to your stairs before you buy it by specifying colour, shape, width and depth. The most popular variants include semi-circular stair mats in small and large formats with matching colored borders, which are often used for floating stair types. Step coverings in a rectangular shape harmonize very well with linear stair designs. In our shop you will find semicircular and square stair protections with an integrated angle and without an angle. Do the standard mats not match your stair construction? We manufacture stair mats for narrow staircases, space-saving staircases or spiral staircases in almost any special format.

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Decorative stair mats for extra living comfort

Dreary steps that rise from the entrance area to the higher living levels are not a pretty sight and can also become a dangerous tripping hazard, especially for children or the elderly. Even a little carelessness is enough for the user of the stairs to slip on the slippery surface. A robust step covering offers effective protection against falls and slips. In addition to the function, the look is of course also a decisive factor. Decorative stair mats in multi-faceted colours, qualities and patterns create the plus in living comfort, exude warmth and underline a cozy appearance. Staircases leading to bedrooms, children ‘s rooms, attics or offices, can be given a subtle or colorful touch, depending on personal taste. Muted tones such as pearl pink, anthracite and cream create a balanced atmosphere, while strong colors such as turquoise, sunny yellow or cherry red make your stairs shine. Neatly linked Berber stair mats made of 100% wool perfect the image of cosiness and give your feet a cozy feeling. Cozy high-pile stair coverings in green, brown or off-white provide pleasantly fluffy walking comfort. Easy-to-maintain sisal step pads in a bouclé design stage room accents that are full of naturalness. At the top of the popularity scale are footstep noise-insulating stair mats in the popular zebra, tiger or leopard look. Real trend patterns are also stars and dots, give your staircase a playful upgrade.

Self-adhesive carpet stair mats – quick and easy to install

Whether patterned flat fabric, fine velor quality, pure wool or a shimmering glossy look – you can get non-slip step mats for indoor use in a wide variety of designs. Unlike carpet runners, self-adhesive stair mats can be attached quickly and easily. You do not have to hire a craftsman and the material costs are far below those of a stair carpet. Since the mats only cover the running surfaces, your striking wooden staircase or modern folded staircase can continue to unfold its full effect in the future. Most of the indoor mats in our portfolio have a wide adhesive strip that ensures even distribution of force. In addition, you can secure the stair protectors with double-sided adhesive tape. In the case of stair mats with an angle, you should first press this onto the front edge of the stair before you fix the tread. After a short time you have laid the step pads and can look forward to a safe staircase with a homely flair. Bring more comfort, safety and individuality into your home with effective stair tread mats. Discover selected collections in exquisite specialist trade quality in the made-to-measure stair mats section. Would you like to buy half-round stair treads with an angle for your stone staircase? Do you need rectangular supports without angles for your stringer stairs? We take into account your desire for special dimensions and manufacture your stair protection individually. We are also happy to adapt stair mats for spiral staircases or platform staircases according to your dimensions.

High-quality, made-to-measure stair mats – order a new stair outfit cheaply online

Due to the extensive design, material and shape variety, indoor stair mats from our product lines fit perfectly into any living environment. High-pile stair mats guarantee a soft step and are extremely comfortable to walk on. With its natural appearance, sisal stair protection can be integrated into modern and classic furnishing styles. Glamorous velor step covers impress with their luxurious appearance. Plain colours, animal print or mottled, square or half-round, with angle rail or without angle we have the right stair mats ready for every preference. Order your new stair outfit cheaply, securely and conveniently online. With us you can buy custom-made stair treads in any quantity, so that you get exactly the amount you need. With the high-quality step pads you will find the ideal solution for your stair construction. Since we consistently supply quality products from well-known manufacturers such as Hevo , Jasper and Vorwerk offer, the materials easily withstand the high loads in daily use. Rectangular stair treads with a baroque pattern or would you prefer a semicircular retro style? Is it difficult for you to decide? You can easily order a sample in advance so that you can get an impression of the design and the processing of the cushions. If you would like to order specially tailored stair mats, we will shape your stair protection. Please enter the requested dimensions and angles in the form.

Made-to-measure Stair Mats