New Lighting Fixtures Emergency

Light fixtures emergency tend to have a simple and even ugly, many times. Agree? Good, the options on the market end up limiting a little bit in that sense. But, if you we showed you a model that come out of the common place, bringing a number of innovations?

New Lighting Fixtures Emergency 1

Because this is what we speak in this text! You see here a lamp of emergency innovative, that can be used in a greater diversity of environments possible. Curious to know more about it? So here we go, good reading!

Novelty: led bulb LED

The novelty that we want to talk about is a bulb of the LED that replaces the famous incandescent bulb. The old model is the one that we live by quoting it here on the blog and on our YouTube channel. The lamp time can be foundhere! But what it has good?

The models of this lamp, consume between 5 and 7 watts of power. It can reach up to 320 lumens. For now we only have the white color, but soon there will be the option yellow. One of its strong points is the ease of use.

If you already have, for example, a thread, traditional, call E27, so you can use it directly. This is the one screw used for lamp shades and the majority of the pendants, for example. The other differential of it is the fact of being an emergency lamp built-in!

This means that when the power runs out, the lamp will continue working for up to 4 hours. For this, the manufacturer recommends that the lamp is energized for up to 8 hours. But after doing so, it is just waiting for a need and count on it. Better than traditional lamps, doesn’t it?

As it has a battery while it is connected there is an internal charging. At the time that power is lost, the battery shall be used.

New Lighting Fixtures Emergency 2


You know where this lamp can be used? Imagine a plafon 4 lamps. If you put 4 of that LED there, all will turn on after a power failure. But another idea can take shape also. In the same plafon, you can only put two of them to work in the flaws.

This is interesting in that the lamps are emergency. Soon, there is a real need that all work during a power outage, but only a part. So, you do not need to buy several, just a few.

New Lighting Fixtures Emergency 3

Where to use

In domestic environments, this is a lamp that can be used in kitchen, office and service environments. Until banks and garages are a good place to use. This is because it is a white light, which combines well with these environments.

In addition, this lamp has a feature that it seems like magic so interesting. Its functioning can be ensured only by closing the poles below it. This means that a simple tap of the ceilings down already active. The same occurs if it is placed in contact with the water, as the image below:

In spite of being something different, it is a lamp as regulated by INMETRO. So, you can buy with peace of mind, knowing that it was approved by the experts. Its price is above the common, but in addition to be little difference, it is very worthwhile.

This bid of the water shows that it can be used even in environments that are more different, such as campsites or vendors who use carts in the streets. There will soon be a model with a socket to enable the lamp, which will become a fixture of security. Amazing, right?

Thus, it can be used in a beach hut, or hot dog cart, for example. Soon, even without energy you can illuminate your products and facilities.

If you like what you see, browse here in our virtual store and find this and other amazing products for you! Whether in a home, business or external environment, we always have a solution to what you need. Enjoy! If you have any questions, please contact us by our contact officers. Anyway, have a nice shopping!