Paintable Wallpapers

Paintable Wallpapers

February 27, 2022 Decor 0
Paintable Wallpapers

If wallpapers can be painted over, numerous possibilities open up to embellish bare walls according to personal taste. With this variant you can enjoy the advantages of wallpaper and a coat of paint in an individual colour. You will find a wide variety of designs for designs according to your own taste. Realize your living dreams with patterned wallpaper, motif wallpaper or smooth fleece to paint over. Discover the brand new trends from successful brands like AS Création, Architects Paper and Erfurt. In our portfolio we offer you a rich selection of patterns, motifs and structures. Wallpapering and painting yourself is fun, inexpensive and sets no limits to wall design. Convince yourself of our impressive creations, which we proudly present to you in our online wallpaper gallery.

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Wall coverings that can be painted over – optically attractive rooms with character

Paintable wallpaper scores with many advantages. The easy handling, the uncomplicated processing and last but not least the modern surfaces are characteristic of the flexible wall coverings. Another advantage is that you can choose an individual color for these wallpapers. Design your rooms in a color that harmonises with your furnishing style. We have structured our products to be easily accessible. Each category is a heading that houses meaningful sub-headings. Thanks to the user-friendly application, you can quickly and easily order the desired item. In our repertoire you will find high-quality wall coverings that can be painted over several times for visually attractive rooms with character. pattern wallpaper on a hard-wearing fleece backing with interesting iridescence and a three-dimensional 3D effect give boring corridors an extravagant touch. Creations with shimmering or matt structures create lively dynamics in the living room or bedroom, and depending on the type of paint, you can impressively emphasize their noble aura. We offer you an extensive selection of high-quality wall wallpapers for painting from well-known manufacturers and brands. With their multifaceted designs, these wall coverings are true design marvels for every style of living – whether AS Création non-woven wallpaper for color and glaze coatings, Rasch Makulaturvlies as the perfect basis for wallpapering critical surfaces or textured wallpaper sprinkled with real quartz sand Architects Papers . The most beautiful collections are waiting to be used in our portfolio. This speaks for paintable wall murals:

  • Smooth, patterned, embossed – diverse wallpaper designs
  • Individual color design
  • Adaptable to the interior
  • Tear and scratch resistant materials
  • Extreme longevity
  • Desired wallpaper as a roll or pattern

Creative ideas for wall painting with a personal touch

Petrol, dusky pink, sunny yellow – paint your wall covering in the color of your choice. With carefully selected color nuances, you can create the desired room ambience in the living area, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room or office. If you opt for paintable wallpaper from the wallpaper store, you will benefit from a variety of looks, excellent qualities and a wide range of possible combinations. Our proven branded products are an excellent choice for a wonderful feeling at home. From expressive 3D effects and detailed structures to exciting patterns, everything is represented in our gallery. There are many creative ideas for painting walls with a personal touch. If you use the wipe technique, you can achieve fantastic effects, such as an unplastered brick wall or large-scale patterns. If you want to play with color gradients or project cloud-like structures onto the wall, the sponge technique is an appropriate method. Instead of a brush, use a painter’s sponge to apply the paint. Any motif or even entire forest landscapes can be dabbed on with the stencil technique. The children’s room becomes a colorful play paradise and the dreary hallway becomes a sensational eye-catcher. You will find the right wallpaper for painting in the richly filled repertoire. Hard-wearing, breathable and crack-balancing non-woven woodchip wallpaper in a simple design can be wallpapered without soaking time and offers countless possibilities for interior design in individual colours. With a spreadable Textured wallpaper in a baroque design refine your walls in a unique, luxurious and stylish way. Are you missing the right wall color? We offer you a wide range of inexpensive and first-class interior colors from pistachio green to powder blue to soft purple.

Functional, stylish, flexible – wall coverings to paint

Wall murals that can be painted over are suitable for anyone who wants to save themselves frequent wallpapering but wants to experience the radiance of a color change. The color of the new furniture or the spring decoration no longer harmonises with your wall covering? Bring a relaxed atmosphere into the bedroom with soothing cream tones, give your office a touch of the exotic with jungle green paint or paint the children’s room in the favorite color of your pot of gold. You can choose patterned wallpaper, textured wallpaper, smooth non-woven wallpaper, woodchip wallpaper or painter’s fleece conveniently order online. In combination with a coat of paint, reliefs, ornamental motifs, stripes or three-dimensional effects come into their own. Paintable wall coverings are functional, stylish and flexible. In each category there is a wide variety of designs that meet the highest standards of design and quality. Our wallpaper shop opens up the exciting world of easy-to-paint-over wallpapers for you. Our wall coverings on dimensionally stable fleece backing are particularly popular. This type of wallpaper absorbs colors very well, evens out unsightly cracks without any problems, can be applied immediately using the wall-pasting technique and can be removed without leaving any residue when renovations are due. Due to its resistance to moisture, the non-woven wallpaper also in the kitchen or in the bathroom for the comfort factor. Put your preferred wallpaper design in the limelight with a specially designed color scheme – be it in the living area, in the wellness area or at work. Renovation or painter’s fleece is also a paintable version of wallpaper that acts as an ideal coating for effective painting techniques.

Paintable wallpaper cheap in the online shop

Creatively painted walls give your interior a fresh look. So that you can paint any type of wall, our portfolio includes design-oriented wallpaper collections that will delight deco fans of all ages. Reputable manufacturers such as Erfurt, Rasch and AS Création design style-defining creations that make the wallpapering process easier and give your walls a new style in no time at all. Order cheap, paintable wallpaper from the online wallpaper store, which sets modern accents as a tasteful background. The large variety of patterns and structures in our repertoire enables customized wall solutions to be made to measure. You can order our high-quality branded wallpaper as rolls in your desired size. If you would like to check the material, design, color and quality beforehand, we would be happy to send you a sample for inspection. In the first step, select your desired wallpaper from the categories and call up the detail page to get to the product information and material descriptions. Here you will also find easy-to-understand assembly instructions and find out whether the sample service is offered for your item. In addition to trendy wallpaper highlights, you will find new arrivals and timeless classics in our web shop Borders , decorative panels and accessories such as universal paste, wallpapering brushes and paint roller sets. Walls painted in your personal favorite color have a high representative character, whereby the design of an entire room is just as possible as the staging of an accent wall. Our long-lasting and inexpensive paintable wallpapers are versatile combination partners that fit smoothly into any furnishing style. Enjoy a stroll through our gallery and find plenty of inspiration for a wall look that will make your ambience perfect.

Paintable Wallpapers