Philips Hue Phoenix Installation Spot

Size: 14 cm (Hull size 12, 5 cm H8, 4 cm)
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): matte white patterned plastic m/hvid ring
Dimmable: Yes, via the App to your phone or Cap Tap
Lamp: 1 x 5W LED built-in-corresponds to 38W
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
Comments: supports IFTTT is-requires safebox

Philips Hue Phoenix Installation Spot

Philips Hue Phoenix Installation spot
Built-in spot in Hat series with white light which can be tinted in white colors, from 2200K (very warm light) and all the way up to 6500 k (very cold light).
You can obviously control the light completely as you want via the many app’s which can be downloaded for free (or cheap).
The lamp is made in specially patterned plastic, which shoots light pleasant out, without dazzle!

Track the light up and down on Phoenix installation spot from Hue.
-You can even determine the white-tone-color and strength of the light. See

Hue Tone Phoenix Installation spot can:
Change hue from warm white to cool white
Make sure the light via the App or Tap (contact)
Be mounted anywhere in your home, with the exception of the bathroom

What is the advantage of being able to switch light-color?
It gives a lot of freedom to be able to control the heat / color of the light.
Set a cold white color on usually and Dim them for the evening.
But actually we should increasingly use the white shades!
-They make you more fresh and gives energy.
-Both private and on offices /meeting rooms, etc.

Don’t you know Philips Hue?
Track light bulbs and lamps via smart phone (IPhone/Android)
Use only one bridge and track all Cap lamps/bulbs
The lights turn on in warm white light by pressing the switch
Set up to 50 lamps/bulbs for one bridge
Must not be mounted directly into the insulation (use safebox)

Would you rather have lamps with colored light?
-So look Hue Beyond including.