‘Resident Evil 7’, The Terror May Be The First Great Genre of Games in Virtual Reality

You ever have you wondered why you play video games? To me Yes. There has been some occasion that someone wanted to know why it’s my favorite hobby and is simple: because apart from entertainment that could reach to offer general, they make me feel emotions. Sometimes I amused, others I have entered in anger, I also cried with emotion and there have been times where I’ve been terribly afraid.

You could put plenty of example for each of these situations, but without a doubt one of the titles that more has impacted me psychologically in the last few months has been ‘Resident Evil 7’. The mythical and famous saga of Capcom not only has returned through the front door, they over did it with a delivery that makes feel fear of truth.

Our colleagues from Kotaku had the opportunity to analyze it days ago, ensuring that it will be one of the essential this year and this generation and, personally, I could not agree more. That return to the feeling conveyed by the original episodes of the series had been crying out for years.

This has been achieved mainly thanks to that impressive ambience, by the fearsome Baker family or the persistent feeling of being at risk due to lack of ammunition and healing items in some other time. But without a doubt, one of the elements that most had to do has been virtual reality, PlayStation 4 version being the only one that has this option due to the device PlayStation VR.

Is it better with glasses of Sony?

I have to say that the times that I’ve tested a device of reality I can count them on the fingers of both hands, but I proved more than enough to give me that it is an experience completely unlike any other. It is something that makes you Live everything in a more direct, more personal way, Since being in first person games you feel like that is you who is really there.

At the time when I played the demo “Lantern” ‘Resident Evil 7’ I went a little with the fear inside, because I warned that This installment of the series would be a return to the origins, with this tension you invading the whole body. In addition, I I had tried previously some horror game with glasses virtual reality, so no it seemed that I could find something nice…

The experience is so realistic that it seems that we are touring the House with our own feet.

In less than a minute was already wishing to reach the end of the demo, which is over, because actually I had the feeling of being myself which was the home of the Baker, of living traveling with my own feet with the idea that I was going to happen something terrible from one moment to another. Didn’t that Marguerite, the mother of the family, I found and when did I could not make a leap from the Chair.

It was during the 15 minutes that it took me to finish it. The thing is that PlayStation VR can be used to complete the whole game and, after having seen him from start to finish without using the glasses, I must admit that It would not be able to enjoy myself with them and is for two reasons: first because if I already spent it poorly with a demo, not I want to even imagine how it has to be well for hours; and the second are dizziness.

If there is a big negative point that I found with virtual reality, and several companions of the medium that I have spoken to have shared is also, if you play sitting at a title in which you move freely in all directions in 3D, just with a feeling of enormous discomfort. Luckily happens to some, something that is not so for my personal misfortune,.

You could say that ‘Resident Evil 7’ with PlayStation VR is the perfect game to take advantage of this technology, But having to spend so many hours with the device in the head do not consider to be the best of ideas. On the other hand, for short sessions, as the demo, yes it’s worth more, because you just not so drained mentally.

In any case, it is of something entirely optional and in any case required to use, it continues to be a great additive for those who do not suffer from dizziness and are willing to live an extremely realistic experience. That Yes, is not suitable for cardiac. You are warned.

The perfect genre for virtual reality

At the beginning of the article indicated that I love to play video games that make me feel all sorts of sensations and virtual reality is a great help to make this fact happen, but, Why are horror games those who fit more with these devices? Precisely for the reason that I have just indicated, because they are those who put us more fully inside everything that appears on the screen.

In an action game, such as ‘ RIGS: Mechanized Combat League’, struck by the fact of Hop in your own robot giant mecha, as it is also entertaining visit the Lara Croft mansion in ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ as if we were actually inside it. However, they are experiences that they do not end up impacting both and they are not so different to play them without the glasses.

The opposite to what happens in ‘Resident Evil 7’ or the winner of the PlayStation Awards Talents 2016, the game developed in Spain ‘ Intruders: Hide and Seek’, two excellent games that they know perfectly the meaning of words such as “terror” or “fear”. With them you feel involved in everything that happens and, depending on the courage of each, there will be people who very evil and others have not so much.

For example, in the two titles I just mentioned, it is inevitable to have the fear that you catch, you think some truth. As much as you know that it is fiction, the experience is so realistic that your mind makes you believe that creatures are going to kill you or that a group of criminals going to kidnap you. Are precisely those feelings that make you an experience beyond the own game.

Even if you’re aware that is a video game, your mind makes you believe that you will like something terrible happen really.

There are many cases that I’ve also seen people screaming or going into panic with these devices, such as a demo of HTC lives in which the character was still in an area abandoned and dark, equipped only with a flashlight and a gun. The goal was the of give 360 ° turns wiping out all the zombies that were ending tension with us, that if they approached too were you to slice and dice, to the point that sometimes nothing more turn you topabas with one front, rather than If it were real, which seemed to him, you can imagine the shock that you wear.

Virtual reality is a technology that It is too early to decide whether it will be the future of gaming or not. What no doubt is that if a company develops a degree of terror is almost a sure bet will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course then it will depend on it is a good game or not, but when those who have given more to talk about are those of the horror genre, something will be.

Personally, not is if I will presume to complete someday ‘Resident Evil 7’ with PlayStation VR. I would like to do it because I love enjoy games that leave me lasting memories, Although I will take his time gathering enough value, but if any of you can boast of this are my most sincere congratulations.