Sergon Group Designer Lighting And Automation Opens In Brazil

Yesterday, March 17 Victory Street, 339, in the neighborhood of Santa Ifigência, in São Paulo, the SergonPrime Lumière opened its doors to deliver personality of environments through lighting and automation solutions, with all comfort, sophistication, intelligence and convenience that Brazilians deserve.

The concept store comes to bring a new universe, from the minimalist and technological environment, exclusive service until full satisfaction post delivery. The goal is to transform customer needs in real experiences.

Strategically located in the neighborhood of Santa Efigênia, the store leads to known technological pole elegance and innovation to make the personality of environments for your customers, transforming ordinary spaces in personality through excellence and details of services and products.

With 800 m², the store has two floors. On the ground floor, guests will see the products (pendants, lamps, chandeliers and accessories), all with wireless technology.The specialized team is composed of architects and designers, who in addition to remove all the doubts about the products and the technology also develops the entire project in conjunction with the client.

On the upper floor was installed the “Home Automation SergonPrime”, a space that simulates a real home, all automated, since the lighting of lamps to access control, room temperature, opening of the retractable roof, through the control of water mirror, so that the customers can experience all the best solutions available in the world.”The Lumiere SergonPrime understand and already applies these concepts to your projects” comments Fabio Kozlowski, partner and founder of the brand.

With more than 2,000 products in the portfolio, the SergonPrime Lumière hits the market bringing a new concept of lighting and automation for Brazil, becoming a reference in the segment.

Store Architecture

Designed by architect and one of the partners Gabriela g. Kozlowski, the SergonPrime Lumière was inspired in the DNA of the city of lights, Paris, with modernity and freedom of a loft in New York. “When we started the works and we have seen that the structure had brick of time of brutalist architecture, brazilian architectural landmark here in Saint Iphigenia, restored and kept the originality whatsoever. With this we can give a New York loft, attached the feel and unique Parisian elegance”, reveals the architect and responsible for the entire collection set of products and decorative accessories.

Advantages Of Automation

The automation is coming to life of Brazilians. To suit this new technology, which in addition to mobility, also brings security, it is not necessary to break-breaks. “Many think that installing wireless lighting requires some kind of work at the residence, but in many cases it is not necessary. Just the client have access to internet network with wi-fi to receive the commands, “says the entrepreneur Fabio Kozlowski, to emphasize that the automation saves energy, is more secure, because it may not use wires and can be accessed at any location, inside or outside the property without having to be in the room to turn on the light, for example. “In addition, here in the SergonPrime Lumière just use LED bulbs, which are cheaper and have more durability”, concludes.