Stylish Vinyl Wallpapers

Stylish Vinyl Wallpapers

February 20, 2022 Decor 0
Stylish Vinyl Wallpapers

At the beginning of the room design is the wall decoration. The best result can be achieved when the carefully selected wallpaper corresponds to the furnishings and underlines the desired ambience. In this category you will find our extensive repertoire of vinyl wallpapers. Whether it’s beautiful plant patterns, a solid wood look, retro wall coverings or glamorous luxury wallpaper, let yourself be inspired by the diverse selection of designs in this area.

The wallpaper for everyday life – robust and uncomplicated

Vinyl wallpapers are durable and easy to care for. It is the surface that is made of vinyl – also known as PVC. This layer, also known as sealing, is water-resistant and therefore easy to clean. In addition, these wall coverings are lightfast and scratch-resistant and are characterized by high opacity. They are suitable for various surfaces and can be attached seam to seam. The product information contains information on processing and suitable paste. The carrier material is paper or fleece made from cellulose and textile fibers. non-woven wallpaper have an insulating effect and are extremely robust. On top of that, they are excellent at leveling out unevenness in the plaster and are dimensionally stable, which makes adhesion easier. In our shop we have numerous products with a non-woven backing layer and a paper backing material. To remove the wall coverings, they simply have to be peeled off. The wall can then be re-papered. Self-adhesive vinyl wallpapers are also available, which are particularly easy to work with. Another subcategory includes borders in the conventional and in the self-adhesive version.

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From authentic stone look to sophisticated baroque patterns

The wallpapers in this category come from various well-known manufacturers, including AS Création, Esprit Home, Livingwalls and VERSACE Wallpaper. Thanks to high-quality manufacturing and printing processes, brilliant colors and accurate patterns or motifs are created. For example, we have included wallpapers with different stone looks in the portfolio: the design of the creations comes extremely close to a brick wall and exudes a rustic-looking cosiness. Whether an even or an effective irregular look, our range offers both as well as the variant with a spectacular 3D effect. The wall coverings in wood look are also very natural. Here, too, the design is very true to the original and creates a cozy country house atmosphere. Natural wood or a painted wall, let yourself be inspired by the designs in the gallery. From refined to magnificent and opulent, the creations in the plant pattern area are so different: subtle flower prints from VERSACE, colorful flowers from AS Création and much more, here you have the opportunity to surround yourself with a plant motif of your choice. Baroque patterns are also popular and adorn various wallpapers in this category. Imaginative ornamentation, soft or warm, stronger colors, the style has lost none of its fascination. Retro or vintage designs are also trendy. How about a wallpaper with a 60s or 70s look? With the plain-colored wall decorations result in equally attractive living environments. Our repertoire includes products in beautiful fresh colors that can be easily combined with different interiors. Also check out our gallery of glitter wallcoverings or luxury wallpapers. Children have their own ideas about what the wallpaper in their room should look like. That’s why we also have products in our store with magical motifs that are popular with the little ones.

The right wallpaper for every room

Which wallpaper suits which room depends on your own sense of style, but also on the size and purpose of the area. The wide range of designs makes it possible to find the most suitable or desired version. Single-colored wallpaper can be optimally designed creatively with the help of different shades, so that the wall decoration and the furniture complement each other in color and a pleasant room ambience is created. Modern, clear living concepts or, for example, the industrial style are ideal for wall coverings in a stone look. An upholstered seating group in a light shade provides a contrast to the wallpaper in a puristic design and makes the room look all the more comfortable. The combination with cupboards and industrial-style seating is also attractive. You can find various furniture in the same style as the baroque pattern, such as elegant armchairs and chests of drawers in curved shapes. However, currently designed furniture is also an option, which with straight lines sets a counterpoint to the wonderfully ornate ornamentation of the wallpaper. In the case of colorful plant patterns, it is advisable to choose monochrome furniture so that these beautiful wall decorations come into their own and the room does not appear too busy. Furnishings in a playful country house style go well with wallpaper in a wood look Patterned wallpaper in the retro design of the 70s can be found, among other things, with matching accessories. The size of the room is particularly important when it comes to patterned wallpaper: small patterns in soft colors are ideal for a small living room. Plain-colored wallpapers in light tones are also suitable because they make a room appear more spacious. It is particularly appealing if you highlight one wall with a motif wallpaper and leave the other walls monochrome. Whether living room or bedroom, children’s room or kitchen, our portfolio also has the right thing for the purpose of a room. For an office, there are wallpapers in this category in a discreetly elegant design.

Round off the wall design with borders or accentuate them individually

Borders are very narrow wallpapers that are usually used at medium height or as the lower border of a large wall decoration. They are available in different designs and styles in our store. Provided with attractive to unusual motifs and patterns or decorated with glitter, they form a perfect conclusion. They underline the selected wallpaper and the interior design or serve as an eye-catcher with a surprise effect. For children’s rooms with a single-colored wallpaper, these decorations are also a good way to make the walls more colorful and imaginative: unicorns, starry skies or little owls, the little ones are sure to find a favorite motif here. Our extensive range of non-woven and paper wallpaper with vinyl coating is intended for those who are looking for high quality and highly decorative wall coverings. Visit our shop and browse our gallery and choose your new wall covering.

Stylish Vinyl Wallpapers