That Scotch Whisky Is Authentic Tells Me The Thinfilm NFC Tag

We follow in the line include technology in objects that are surrounding us a lifetime. If this morning I showed them a super flashlight trained, now it is the turn to the bottle. A simple element in its concept as a continent of glass, in which Thinfilm Electronics you want to preserve your content with some technology.

Intelligent bottle is rather a normal bottle, to which have been added sensors and tags for that part of the world of the Internet of things begin. Do you want more information about that bottle of Whisky? Is it authentic? Has it ever been opened? Queries that can respond and develop thanks to the electronics have been incorporated in the area of opening.

Thinfilm Electronics has been working with Diageo, a giant of the beverage industry, which includes such brands as the Scottish Johnnie Walker. We have the fruit in a bottle of Blue Label that includes an NFC tag that can be read with our smartphone. The whole of the system devised by Thinfilm is known as OpenSense.

Obviously We need the application from which you can get more information about the product, at the same time that know if this bottle has been opened at some point–has broken the seal. They take advantage to assemble a history of promotions and releases through the app, but that’s another story that now are not interested.

It is even possible to learn about the origin and evolution of the same since he left his factory until he came to the establishment. Maybe it is not a relevant information to the end user, but to the supply chain.

The Norwegian company, Thinfilm, has reached an agreement with Xerox for the printing of millions of chips a year, with the intention that those labels are more common than we think at this time – production will begin at the end of the year. As soon they will be bring to the Mobile World Congress, to which we know it more closely.

As we already know, labels do not need batteries to be alive, and it’s not really something expensive to produce, so it is acceptable for products with high price. Thinfilm considered that his proposal has a long way to go, and is more complete than QR codes, by their difficulty of reading, copying and exhibition facility.