Understand How Lighting Can Affect The Well-Being in The House

With specific uses in each stage of life, the bulbs can change the color and personality of the environments

Each residence conveys a different climate. People print their styles and personalities in the decoration, which is able to create different sensations. The luminaire design collaborates directly to it, including influencing the well-being of residents.

lighting is responsible for creating different emotional States in people through color yellowish tones, for example, awaken feeling of warmth; cool colors, bluish-white, provide attention and concentration. Some colors promote energy and vitality, other relaxation and tranquility, explains Alessandra Bonotto Hoffmann Paim ABHP Office architecture.

Time to set the lighting of each environment, it is important to consider also for whom the space. The database project must be modified and adapted to every stage of life.

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young couples looking for a more modern and intimate lighting, creating warm environments mainly through indirect lighting and punctual. Have families with children prefer a more dynamic lighting, with flexible and functional environments. To the elderly, the project must take into account in addition to the quantity, the quality of light, especially in reading and work areas, warn the architects Posanske and Mariana Carolina Stockler.

Light as featured

According to them, the lighting should be considered along with the layout of the environment, valuing the strengths of Interior design and looking for the functionality of the space. To generate visual comfort, one must understand the needs and for which tasks the space will be used. The lighting is able to generate effects, tier environments and elements from your use of punctual or diffuse way and types of lighting fixtures and lamps.

the key issue is to imagine the most diverse activities that can be carried out in the environment and tailor a specific lighting for each one. For this, in addition to creating several different lighting systems, also mix the type of lamp, fluorescent, halogen and led according to the best that each offers, says Alessandra.

For the architect, project luminaire ARIN Mahmoud must be planned specially for each client and situation, environment, and meet the needs as the intensities.

in a nursery, for example, must work with a weaker intensity, making the environment more cozy. Study environments, the need will be a stronger lighting for a countertop, while studies in adulthood, in a double room, is advised not to work with direct lighting, so that the environment be cozier, ensures Ellen.

Alessandra indicates the use of dimerization, feature that allows adjustment of luminous intensity of lamps individually or in groups. Thus, the same source of light can be smoothed or increased according to the need.

looking for create multiple scenarios to make the use of the environment for work, reading, relaxation and fun, establishing a direct and an indirect general lighting. Also I use pinpoint lighting to highlight something of appreciation from customers, detailing Alessandra.

To avoid accidents, environments for the elderly should have a stronger lighting, which featured objects and furnishings. Another suggestion is also working with sensors all over the House for easy locomotion.

For each room

The lighting can be direct (General distributed), indirect (soft light, whose source is not visible) and on time (focused on only one object). Professional light applications indicate specific to each room. The room decor and the room, for example, need to have elements that awaken feeling of comfort and lead to well-being. Therefore, it is best to avoid white fluorescent lamp, even if it is economical.

in choosing the ideal lamp, the best is the closest to the natural light, sunlight. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the CRI (Color rendering index), which indicates the degree of fidelity with which the colors are reproduced in a particular light source, warns Alessandra.

IRC follows a scale from 0 to 100 and the closer is 100 (given to sunlight), the colors will be more faithfully reproduced. IRC varies according to the lamp, since your efficiency in color rendition is linked to technology and technical characteristics.