Wallpapers for the Hallway

Wallpapers for the Hallway

February 18, 2022 Decor 0
Wallpapers for the Hallway

Welcome to our gallery of the very finest hallway wallpaper. If you are dreaming of a new living environment in the entrance area, our wonderful decors will quickly provide a fresh impetus. In the wallpaper repertoire for the hallway you will discover inviting wall designs with a representative character. Our wide range includes fantastic creations in numerous materials and colors that show effective motifs, structures and patterns. Impress your guests with AS Création paper wallpaper in a stone design true to the original, Rasch design wallpaper in a silky shiny baroque look or Livingwalls photo wallpaper in an expressive 3D look. Delicate flower and blossom motifs in the cloakroom area, ornamental decor in the hallway, graphic interpretations in the stairwell: the aesthetic non-woven, textile, paper and vinyl wallpapers in our portfolio make your walls shine and prepare an impressive welcome everywhere.

Make walls more beautiful: unusual hallway wallpapers for every furnishing style

Today’s modern hallway is much more than a functional storage space. With effective wallpaper you can give your corridor or stairwell a new shine. The high-quality wall coverings from our inspiring repertoire create the perfect connection between fascinating decors and your personal preferences. Here you will find exquisite branded wallpapers from AS Création, Erfurt, Rasch, Anaglypta, Karl Lagerfeld, Livingwalls and many other renowned manufacturers and designers. These wall coverings are the epitome of elegant design, innovative technology and excellent quality. Let yourself be inspired by the impressive creations in the wallpapers for the hallway section and prove your good taste. Refine the entrance with luxurious baroque wallpaper, which exudes an enchanting shimmer with glamorous motifs in silver or gold. Tropical wallpaper designs with exotic leaves and blossoms bring the mystical beauty of the jungle into your hallway or hallway. Wall coverings in natural white, gray or brown wood look captivate with their cosy, warm radiance. Also wonderfully combinable uni wallpapers in fantastic colors from soft pastel yellow to elegant blue-grey to earthy natural tones are part of our wide-ranging portfolio. Non-woven wallpaper , patterned wallpaper in a botanical style, textile wallpaper in a metallic look or vinyl wallpaper in a baroque design: make your walls more beautiful with our striking hallway wallpapers for every furnishing style. Experience the variety of wallpaper decors in our gallery and find the right wall covering for your reception area at home. Our sorted categories ensure that you can find your way around quickly. For example, search for:

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From nature to glamor – unique wallpaper design as an expression of personality

The entrance area is the figurehead of an apartment or house and wants to attract attention. Wallpaper for the hallway can express the taste and style of the residents, because it gives the wall design an authentic touch. Explore our diverse portfolio and let yourself be enchanted by the almost endless design options. Floral motifs such as blossoms, leaves and flowers bewitch the hallway with lovely charm. Graphic patterns are extremely versatile, giving your walls a completely new dimension with a modern touch through complex or abstract designs. Cool concrete looks in gray appear casual and urban, reddish clinker bricks create country house flair, but also impress in the trendy loft style. Glossy baroque wallpaper in deep black and cream or shimmering golden and silver patterns transform your entrance into a small palace. From nature to glamor – unique wallpaper design makes your wall design an expression of personality. Create with stylish AS Création and decorated tile wallpaper from the Neue Bude 2.0 collection series, a sophisticated accent wall on the cloakroom. With very high ceilings, create an attractive landing in the lower third of the wall with Livingwalls pop.up panels in a weathered wood look . Make a narrow hallway appear wider with Rasch non-woven wallpaper in a lagoon blue herringbone design. In the wallpaper gallery you will find wonderful hallway wallpapers from respected traditional companies and fashion designers in every category. For example Private Walls, Oilily Home, Architects Paper and many more. Flowery or geometric, plain-colored or wildly patterned, subtle or brightly colored – use our varied repertoire to realize your individual wallpaper dreams.

Fantastic hallway wallpaper for great entrances and appearances

Wall coverings for the corridor, the hallway or the staircase hold fabulous potential for decorative aspects or for the effective change of unfavorable room proportions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s water-repellent vinyl wallpaper, heat and acoustically insulating textile wallpaper, environmentally friendly paper wallpaper or easy-to-process non-woven wallpaper that you can apply directly to the pre-pasted wall: in the wallpaper repertoire you can expect a wide range of durable wallpapers in different materials, surfaces, designs and colors . plain wallpapers in light shades of blue have a clear color effect and exude freshness. Radiant vanilla yellow bathes your entrance area in an extremely inviting light. With white, cream or soft green you create an extremely friendly room character. Magnificent violet nuances with and without a motif conjure up a pompous ambience. Look forward to an inspiring portfolio of fantastic hallway wallpapers for great entrances and appearances. Desirable premium brands, designers and manufacturers from AS Création via Rasch to Daniel Hechter have always set standards in quality, design, durability and comfort, but also stand for sustainability, healthy living and environmental awareness. Thanks to many years of experience and dealing with the needs of our customers, we have provided you with expressive hallway wallpapers in our wallpaper gallery. Order your dream wallpaper that fully meets your personal quality and design expectations. In order to get an authentic impression of the colour, feel and material, you can have a wallpaper sample sent to you via our sample service before you buy it.

Wall design deluxe: buy charming wallpaper for the hallway

Wrap your hallway walls in delicious elegance with glittering geometric wallpapers from the AS Création “Spot 3” collection. Do you love delicate nude and natural tones? Enjoy the typical Scandinavian good mood feeling with Livingwalls wall coverings from the “Hygge” edition. Do you also like pure comfort in the entrance area? Then let yourself be fascinated by the nostalgically staged Rasch wallpaper highlights in brick look or tile design. But also block stripes, baroque patterns, jungle motifs and various plain colors from Esprit Home and Versace Wallpapers and Jette Joop harmoniously join our portfolio. In the hallway wallpaper section, you will encounter decors in strong luminous colours, minimalist black and white and fresh pastel tones that will turn your hallway walls into grandiose eye-catchers. Embellish your passageway using all the rules of the art. It’s a good thing that our varied brand collections bring exactly that to the table. Buy charming wallpapers for the hallway in the wallpaper shop, which are guaranteed not to be found on every corner. Experience deluxe wall design in our extensive repertoire. Playful and graceful, exotic bird motifs, filigree ornaments, noble, urban or artistic? We have a variety of hallway wallpapers in our wallpaper gallery. Only the best is good enough for your corridor, hallway or stairwell. That’s why you can expect a wide range of selected quality wallpapers from cultivated houses. So you can be absolutely sure that you have the perfect hallway wallpaper at hand.

Wallpapers for the Hallway