Wallpapers for the Kitchen

Wallpapers for the Kitchen

March 3, 2022 Decor 0
Wallpapers for the Kitchen

You can also fulfill your personal furnishing dream in the cooking oasis. The wallpaper portfolio presents a huge variety of high-quality wallpapers for the kitchen. AS Création non-woven wallpaper with a magnificent baroque pattern, Livingwalls photo wallpaper with original prints from the kitchen world, botanical creations by Michael Michalsky, stone-grey uni wallpapers by Rasch : present new living worlds with modern wall decor from manufacturers and designers who know their craft. In our kitchen wallpaper category you can expect an enormously wide repertoire of wall coverings for every style. Discover room artists from the categories fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, skylines, nature or concrete & stones. The collections in our gallery offer you exactly the wallpaper design you are looking for. Give your kitchen walls a very special touch.

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Authentic and atmospheric: the tasteful world of kitchen wallpaper

Especially places where many people meet have a high design requirement. The kitchen paradise is such a place and requires an expressive ambience. Attractive wallpapers for the kitchen are the right choice for a cozy flair in your home cooking oasis. Our portfolio of high-quality wall coverings includes designs of all styles. Discover stone wallpapers that look deceptively real, robust non-woven wallpapers with a colorful tile look, water-resistant vinyl wallpapers with green leaf motifs and paintable structured profile wallpapers with an exciting 3D effect. Roam through the wallpaper gallery and experience the tasteful world of kitchen wallpaper. Perfect the look of your vintage kitchen with AS Création Retro wallpapers in bright colors or emphasize the look of your Swedish country kitchen with cream-colored Rasch striped wallpapers. Our photomurals with exotic spices , which have been colour fast for years, are as diverse as the flavors of curry, cardamom, turmeric and ginger . The wallpaper designs from the fruits and vegetables category, which shine in a wide range of shades, are also simply wonderful to look at. Modern kitchen wall outfits are not limited to specific motifs or colours. A pattern wallpaper with tropical palm leaves in bright green can be used as well as shimmering metallic ornaments, pink blossoms and cool concrete looks in neutral grey. Whether white-blue floral wallpaper from Livingwalls, orange-colored uni wallpaper from the Barbara Home Collection or Architects Paper jungle wallpaper: Enjoy the full splendor of the kitchen wallpapers in our gallery, which adapt perfectly to any room character.

Wall coverings for a kitchen design to match your personal style

In the new generation of kitchens, fashionable wallpapers are an absolute must-have, regardless of whether you just want to beautify one wall, wallpaper several wall surfaces or spice up the cooking zone above the worktop. Stone-look creations such as concrete, brick or even sandstone open up spectacular effects in rural and modern cooking oases. Elegant marble designs with imaginative structures stand for luxurious understatement. Artistic ornament tiles are reminiscent of a sunny holiday in a Spanish finca. Wall coverings that are directly related to delicious cake ingredients exude wonderful freshness. Fruits and vegetables, forest green herbs and colorful spices have a wonderfully stimulating effect. If you want a bit of glitter, the shimmering metallic kitchen wallpapers from our repertoire also offer the glam factor, for example the non-woven wallpaper Emotion Graphic from AS Création. On a virtual stroll through the wallpaper gallery, you will find admirable wall coverings for a creative kitchen design that suits your personal style. The Brands section brings together the diverse collections of internationally renowned wallpaper manufacturers and designers, including Erfurt, Rasch, Livingwalls, Komar and Colourcourage. The best types of wallpaper for the kitchen paradise are those that are highly resistant to dirt and moisture. You can easily remove juice, coffee and water stains from washable wall coverings. Abrasion-resistant ones are extremely hard-wearing Non-woven wallpaper with vinyl sealing. The special coating on the carrier material effectively protects against steam, grease splashes and indirect heat near the oven. Read about the great advantages of our high-quality vinyl wallpapers and non- woven wallpapers when used in the kitchen:

  • Highest resilience
  • Effective protection against water vapor and heat
  • Washable and lightfast
  • Highly washable and scrubbable
  • Paintable and dimensionally stable
  • Flame retardant

Kitchen wallpapers from graphic to glamorous – a realm full of surprises

How about Mediterranean flair, a bit of vintage atmosphere or a puristic striped design? It’s nice to have wallpapers for the kitchen in our category exquisite creations that fulfill every design wish. Wide block stripes in sand and cream tones, plain colors in anthracite, yellow and sky blue, spices of all kinds, fruits and vegetables or geometric patterns ensure variety. In your Kochland, taste not only culinary delights, but also visual delights. The wallpaper gallery offers you kitchen wallpapers made of noble materials in a variety of designs from graphic to glamorous. The most beautiful designs succeed when you match the wallpaper color to your interior. Warm tones of yellow, beige and green accentuate the carefree comfort of the country kitchen. Cool color nuances such as slate or steel blue form a successful contrast to the unconventional design language of the industrial kitchen. You can create a friendly atmosphere in the retro kitchen with delicate vanilla, powdery apricot or soft pink. Convince yourself of our hand-picked portfolio of easy-to-use non-woven, paper, textile and vinyl wallpapers of the highest quality. With us you have access to the coveted collections of the most renowned manufacturers, fashion designers and brands – from AS Création with Livingwalls and Architects Paper about Rasch, Anaglypta and National Geographic to Wolfgang Joop and Designdsjungel. Brightly colored spices, elegant gold, maybe a green jungle? If you are ready for the grand entrance in your kitchen, we offer you an exclusive selection according to your personal taste.

Wallpaper for the kitchen – fantastic variety

Do you love blooming flower meadows? Then give your kitchen studio a feminine touch full of lightness with floral motifs. Do you have a soft spot for exotic countries? If palm trees, mangroves and elephant trees are among your favorites, jungle motifs in bright colors create a summery feeling. Do you prefer the classic, elegant style with unobtrusive colors? Elegant uni wallpapers in dark blue, fir green or bordeaux emphasize the classic chic and set subtle accents. In our wallpapers for the kitchen section, there are clear designs, botanical creations, floral interpretations, maritime decors, but also glamor with metallic shine effects. Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic variety. With us you can order Livingwalls non-woven wallpapers in Hygge style and AS Création design wallpapers in a colorful tile look as well as woodchip wallpapers from Erfurt and Rasch patterned wallpapers that can be painted over several times in concrete look. Adorn your kitchen walls with wallpaper designs in soft pastel tones or bring the room to life with intense color schemes. Make your favorite corner sparkle in gold and silver or experience a colorful cooking session with fruit and vegetables. The high-quality wall coverings in our repertoire are renowned, make decorating a simple undertaking and give your kitchen a unique look. Take a relaxed stroll through the wallpaper gallery. Be inspired by classic, extravagant, original, subtle and exotic kitchen wallpapers to individual designs with a trend factor.

Wallpapers for the Kitchen