What is the Difference Between a Normal Bed and Box Spring Bed?

What is the Difference Between a Normal Bed and Box Spring Bed?

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What is the Difference Between a Normal Bed and Box Spring Bed

The most important piece of furniture in every home is the bed . Our bed ensures that we can recover from a hard day at night and that we sleep well. There are different beds that are tailored to the different needs of people. In particular, the box spring beds known from America are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. But what exactly is the difference to a normal bed? We address these and many other questions worth knowing in this blog post.


The box spring bed is a very popular type of bed, which has been around since the 1950s and is particularly popular in America. The box spring bed is therefore also called an American bed or Continental bed . Originally, the box spring bed was used as a luxurious bed in hotels thanks to its high level of comfort. The box spring bed is particularly popular with people who like to sleep on a higher surface . For example, the American bed mattress consists of several layers filled with different fillings.


Basically, a box spring bed consists of three different layers: the lower box , the mattress and the topper . The bottom layer of the box spring bed is the lower box. The lower box of the box spring bed is often referred to as a box spring . The box spring represents the suspension of the bed and consists of a bed base (box) and a comfortable suspension.

The second layer of a box spring bed is the actual mattress of the bed, which is also called the top mattress . The top mattress lies on top of the box spring and mainly consists of a spring core. In general, a comfortable innerspring mattress is always recommended for a box spring bed. The combination of box spring and top mattress ensures excellent lying comfort.

The topper forms the last layer of the box spring bed and rounds off your sleeping experience even more. This means that you can lie even higher and more comfortably. The topper also ensures more hygiene in bed, as it absorbs liquids and prevents them from getting into your mattress. The topper can also solve the problem of the annoying visitor crack because, unlike the mattress, it is continuous.


When it comes to a box spring bed, you often read “ Scandinavian box spring bed ” or “ American box spring bed ”, which is not for marketing reasons, because the two box spring beds are different from each other. While the Scandinavian box spring bed corresponds to the typical three-part structure of box spring, mattress and topper, the American version only consists of a two-part structure. In the American version of the box spring bed, there is no topper. But the bed is comparatively very high. With up to 30 centimeters the American box spring bed is higher than other beds. The Scandinavian box spring bed with its extra topper still has a clear advantage. The topper has various advantages, such as a much higher life expectancy and a comfortable height to get into the bed. The choice of mattress is also much higher with a Scandinavian box spring bed, so you can always choose the best mattress for you and your back.


The difference between a normal bed and a box spring bed is usually very clear at first glance. The box spring bed is much higher than a normal bed and therefore much more comfortable when getting in and out of bed.

The two beds also differ in structure. While a normal or classic bed usually only consists of a frame, slatted frame and a mattress, the construction of a box spring bed is much more complex. The box spring bed usually consists of three layers: a lower box, a mattress and a topper. The box spring can be compared to the slatted frame of a normal bed. Because the lower box often even includes its own mattress, which cushions the mattress lying on it well. This mattress of a box spring bed often consists of barrel pocket spring cores or Bonell springs.

A major difference to a normal bed is the topper. While there is only one mattress on a classic bed, a topper is usually placed on the mattress on a box spring bed. The topper represents the third layer of the box spring bed and is a kind of comfort pad that is simply placed on the mattress. In addition to the additional comfort that the topper offers you, a topper also protects the mattress from liquids or other dirt.


Which bed is best for you depends entirely on your own needs and preferences. Nevertheless, a box spring bed offers various advantages that a classic bed cannot compete with.

The box spring bed offers an extremely high level of comfort thanks to the three-layer structure. Especially due to the lower box, a box spring bed can offer you a much softer lying feeling than a classic bed with the hard slatted frame. Nevertheless, the mattress also makes a decisive difference here. Because a barrel pocket spring core offers much higher point elasticity compared to a foam mattress and thus also a more restful sleep.

The topper eliminates the annoying cracks in a box spring bed and increases your general well-being in bed. However, the most important thing about a box spring bed is that the three layers increase the entry height into the bed. The step-in height for a box spring bed can be increased by up to 20 cm . This increase makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed!

But there are also big differences in price. A good box spring bed can sometimes even cost twice as much as a classic bed. Nevertheless, a box spring bed does not always have to be equally expensive. There are various box spring beds that you can buy for a good price.


Which bed you choose in the end depends on many factors such as budget, needs and taste. What is certain, however, is that a box spring bed offers greater comfort when sleeping and can promote restful sleep . Even if box spring beds are more expensive than a classic bed, there are also cheaper box spring beds that can offer you greater comfort.

What is the Difference Between a Normal Bed and Box Spring Bed