Why are box spring beds more expensive than normal beds?

Why are box spring beds more expensive than normal beds?

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Why are box spring beds more expensive than normal beds

Anyone who has ever stayed in a box spring bed – be it in an upscale hotel or a luxuriously furnished holiday apartment, wants the same level of comfort for their bedroom at home. But if you make your way to a specialist retailer with the firm intention of buying, you may first be amazed when you find out the prices for box spring beds. Why are high-quality box spring systems a lot more expensive than conventional beds? We will investigate this question in the following article and provide you with explanations and answers.

Don’t save at the wrong end

If you buy an inexpensive bed frame, put a cheap slatted frame in it and place a mattress from the special offer on it, you have a complete bed for little money. However, it can happen that important factors fall by the wayside. Anyone who values ​​waking up refreshed every morning and can do without back pain and tension should not only pay attention to the price when choosing and putting together the right bed.

The special thing about a box spring bed is that you purchase all components together. So you can be sure that the whole system is perfectly coordinated and that everything fits together perfectly. We spend a good third of our life in bed – if you don’t pay attention to quality here, you save on your health. With a high-quality box spring system, you can treat your body to ideal support every night. But what makes these comfortable beds so unique?

A well thought-out sleep system

It is above all the spring box, also known as the box spring, that gives these comfortable beds their incomparable properties. Because in this box, which is usually made of sturdy wood and covered with fabric or leather, there is not just a slatted frame as a spring base for the mattress. Rather, it contains a sophisticated system of high-quality springs (innerspring), which, in conjunction with the top mattress and the topper, create an exceptional level of comfort. Like lying on clouds – this phrase finds its practical implementation in a box spring bed.

No off-the-peg bed

A box spring bed is a well thought-out system that consists of components that harmonize with one another. In addition, with most models you have the option of adapting the properties of the individual modules to your individual needs. The number of springs used, the degree of firmness of the top mattress and the selection of the right topper have a significant impact on the lying properties of a box spring bed. This gives you the opportunity to design your dream bed according to your own personal preferences and requirements.

It is certainly understandable for everyone that such an elaborate and refined construction is a little more expensive than a simple bed frame. And yet, on closer inspection, the price difference is not that big: If you buy a high-quality bed frame, a really good spring frame or slatted frame and an ergonomically recommendable mattress, you usually don’t get away cheaper. In addition, the useful life of a high-quality box spring bed is usually significantly longer than that of conventional beds.


Box spring beds only look more expensive than conventional beds at first glance. If you add up all the components of a conventional bed (bed frame + slatted frame + mattress), you often end up with a higher investment than buying a box spring bed.

Specific information

Prices in the shop

In our online shop, for example, we offer you comfort class box spring beds at prices from € 439.

If you want a higher level of comfort and more customization options, we recommend our upper-class box spring beds , where the entry-level price for a model is € 739. Our range of luxury box spring beds starts at € 1,299.

You are probably thinking: “Okay, this is a shop that also specializes in box spring beds. It is clear that this is the argument here. ”We can only reply:“ Then visit a bed specialist or a furniture store you trust, where both systems are offered, and ask the specialist staff or simply calculate the prices of the individual components in a conventional bed system in order to make a precise comparison. ”

Why are box spring beds more expensive than normal beds