Woodchip Wallpaper

Woodchip Wallpaper

March 6, 2022 Decor 0
Woodchip Wallpaper

Woodchip wallpaper is still en vogue. Attractive designs, first-class materials and graceful structures give the new generation of woodchip wallpaper a perfect setting. With the trendy wall coverings you give every ambience the eye-catcher effect. Can be painted over several times, is breathable, extremely hard-wearing and suitable for allergy sufferers, this type of wallpaper scores with a multitude of positive properties. There are a variety of wall coverings that are easy to process, for example the environmentally friendly, crack-bridging and convertible non-woven woodchip wallpaper from the well-known wallpaper manufacturer Erfurt. Discover the latest woodchip trends in our wallpaper store – regardless of whether you appreciate rusticity, clear practicality or fine elegance. Design your walls creatively, individually and uniquely.

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Wall design in woodchip look for changeable living environments

The woodchip wallpaper is one of the best-selling wall coverings throughout Europe. It is a user-friendly stylistic device for wall decoration, after all it is incredibly easy to work with, which makes wallpapering a lot easier even for the inexperienced. Modern woodchip wallpapers fascinate with diverse structures and offer countless possibilities for the realization of creative wall ideas. The popular wallpaper classic is also healthy for living, breathable, moisture-regulating and suitable for allergy sufferers. Discover an extensive selection in the woodchip category and take your time to choose your favorite wallpaper. Would you like to create a happy play paradise for your child? Whether sky blue, pink or motley with handprints – easy to paint over, woodchip wallpaper is the ideal wall covering for a smart children’s room design. Also in the living room The woodchip base is ideal for the bedroom , hallway or work room, because you can design the wall coverings in a variety of colors and beautify them as you wish. Paint on elegant patterns, use borders as ornaments or embellish your living room with wall tattoos . The wallpaper covering with the “rough” surface is extremely robust, hard-wearing, practical and harmless to health. High-quality woodchip wallpaper consists of three layers of paper with firmly incorporated optical wood fibers that form fine, medium or coarse structures depending on the grain size. An intelligent innovation is Erfurt Vlies-Rauhfaser. These wallpaper hybrids made of paper-, textile and wood fibers are offered in our wallpaper shop with elegant, classic and rustic structures. With a wall design in a woodchip look, you can create versatile living environments that meet all visual and ecological requirements. The advantages of woodchip fleece at a glance:

  • Highly tear-resistant and crack-bridging
  • Efficient processing in wall gluing technology
  • moisture-regulating
  • Free from plasticizers and PVC
  • Environmentally friendly, anti-allergenic and healthy living
  • No soak times
  • Easily peelable

Make personal statements in every room with woodchip wallpaper

The design of the walls plays a central role in interior design. Would you like a new atmosphere in the living room, hallway, office or children’s room, you can either repaper or paint over it as you like. The highly resilient woodchip wallpaper is an option for both projects. Invented in 1864 by Hugo Erfurt, the durable structural wallcovering is still one of the favorites for renovation and modernization due to its easy handling, high adaptability and low prices. A diverse range of quality wallpapers with different procurements for every style and taste awaits you in the wallpaper store. With the particularly resilient Erfurt-Vlies-Rauhfaser you can change the wallpaper or change in a hurry. The specially developed Erfurt paste, which has a particularly high initial adhesion, ensures clean and quick wallpapering using the wall-pasting technique. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to color design. Soft cream and earth tones give a sense of security, a wall in brick red creates strong contrasts, airy, light pastel tones stage mild color impulses. With woodchip wallpaper in fine or coarse-grained design, you can make personal statements in every room. Characteristic of the well-known Erfurt wallpapers are structures ranging from lively to elegant with very noble and modern charm, which open up a great deal of creative freedom. No matter whether you like soft yellow, deep dark blue or light mauve nuances – woodchip wallpaper can be harmoniously combined with any color to beautify the room in an individual way. The addition of textiles makes abrasion-resistant, moisture-regulating and breathable fleece woodchip more tear-resistant and dimensionally stable, which is why this material is also suitable for Excellent for the kitchen and bathroom.

Wallpapering is even easier and faster with rough fleece

Woodchip wallpaper for healthy living is extremely hard-wearing, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and extremely versatile in terms of further design. The popular wall covering can be easily painted over many times with any white or tintable branded paint, preferably with viscous to thin dispersion paint. Wallpapering is even easier and quicker with Erfurt rough fleece. The traditional wallpaper manufacturer has developed the first structured wall covering that combines the advantages of woodchip and fleece. Due to the high proportion of fleece fibers, this type of wallpaper is dimensionally stable, has a crack-bridging effect and is easy to clean. Bumps, scratches, dents and small holes can be repaired without any problems.wallpaper shop just right. With us you will find a wide-ranging collection with a wide variety of grain sizes and structure intensities, so that there is certainly something for you. All wallpapers from our range meet the highest standards of processing quality, material properties and health awareness. In the wallpaper store we offer you various sets in recyclable boxes with 6 or 12 rolls of wallpaper, so that you can wallpaper according to your needs.

Woodchip wallpaper for exquisite wall designs

With easy-to-apply wallpapers made of classic woodchip wallpaper or innovative woodchip wallpaper , you can create living landscapes according to your taste – be it in the living room, bedroom or children’s room, in the bathroom or kitchen, in the hallway, restaurant or hotel. As the ideal basis for wall paintings, murals, wall stickers, borders or decorative panels, woodchip wallpaper achieves a high-quality visual and tactile effect. The interpretations in the modern wall design are completely free. Create an eye-catching accent wall in the entryway or add a touch of flair to your living room a glamorous setting. We guide you through the land of woodchip brand wallpapers with our clear category. The quality wallpapers, which can be wallpapered without soaking time, enable you to realize exquisite wall designs, set new trends and gallantly underline your style of living – whether vintage, classic or Scandinavian look. Let the children’s room shine with a colorful coat of paint, create a sunny oasis in the office with an accent in orange or tint the bedroom in a soft beige tone. Experience the multifaceted nature of ecologically sustainable woodchip wallpaper that can be painted several times for admirable room settings with colours, wall decorations and creative techniques. Once the wall covering has been selected, Helpers – from universal paste to painter’s tape to ceiling and wallpaper brushes.

Woodchip Wallpaper